Check out the 3 important reasons below if you are interested in getting the Samsung Galaxy A22 as your device.

Samsung has previously officially released the Samsung Galaxy A22 and Samsung Galaxy A22 5G earlier this year. Especially for you, check out these 3 important reasons before buying the Samsung Galaxy A22.

The striking difference from the Samsung Galaxy A22 and Samsung Galaxy A22 5G is in the network used. If the Samsung Galaxy A22 5G carries a 5G network, the Samsung Galaxy A22 actually still uses the LTE network.

Bring tough innards and jumbo batteries

The Samsung Galaxy A22 is quite special by using the Helio G80 from MediaTek. This powerful chipset is accompanied by the Android 11 operating system and the OneUI Core 3.1 system in the interface. The reliable innards of the Samsung Galaxy A22 are even more special with the support of a jumbo 5,000 mAh battery that already uses 15W charging. Galaxy A22 is reliable enough to accompany your daily activities. Especially if the user is a gamer.

Use four powerful camera sensors for photography

The Samsung Galaxy A22 is so special with the camera sector it brings. Although it doesn't use the current 5G network, this device is quite slick with four sensors on the back. The Samsung Galaxy A22 camera relies on four sensors with a 48 MP main sensor, an 8 MP ultrawide sensor, a 2 MP depth sensor and a 2 MP macro. The main camera of the Samsung Galaxy A22 uses a high resolution OIS camera which is very rarely used. The advantage of having a high resolution OIS camera makes the Samsung Galaxy A22 camera much more stable, brighter during the day and brighter at night.

Priced at a super affordable price
Offering tough innards, jumbo batteries and reliable cameras, Samsung prices the Samsung Galaxy A22 at a price that is still very comfortable and safe for your pocket. Bringing a spacious RAM and internal memory capacity, the Samsung Galaxy A22 with 6 GB RAM and 128 internal memory is sold for only RM899.00 on official Samsung Malaysia store. At this price, you can already enjoy some of the toughness usually given by flagship smartphone at a pretty fantastic price. Those were 3 important reasons that you should consider before finally making the Samsung Galaxy A22 your flagship device.