• Malaysia’s first durian investment scheme that is licensed under the Suruhanjaya Syarikat Malaysia (“SSM”) Interest Scheme Act 2016, dedicated to Musang King
  • Scheme covers 200 acres of land in Jempol, Negeri Sembilan with up to 8,000 interest units available for both retail and institutional investors.

Dr Vijay Pillai, Durian Capital Managing Director

Durian Capital Berhad (“the Company”), a homegrown modern agriculture management company, has announced the launch of its Durian Capital Investment Scheme. This makes it Malaysia’s first durian investment scheme to be licensed under the SSM Interest Scheme Act 2016. The company shared its goals of providing investors an accessible entry into the lucrative landscape of agricultural investment.

Global demand for durians is projected to remain robust in the near-term, with an estimated global market size of US$18.72 billion in 2019 and expected to reach US$30 billion by 2025. Much of this growth will be driven by strong market demand in China, where the fruit has only recently gained traction. Thus far, an approximate of 1% of the Chinese population have consumed durians. Current trends in this region are already showing a projected 1.11kg consumption per capita by 2030. In 2019, durians actually replaced cherries as the top fruit category imported by China in terms of value. Malaysia’s Musang King variety is expected to continue being the premier durian product in terms of customer preference as it becomes more accessible in key international markets.

To meet this surging international demand, the Company has dedicated 200 acres to the Durian Capital Investment Scheme for investors looking to participate and invest in the growth of the Musang King market.

The Company boasts an expert agriculture team with decades of combined experience and latest best practices in durian cultivation, supported by technical advisors from Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM) covering areas such as crop science and plant protection. To optimise the growth and yield of the Musang King produce, the Company leverages modern agri-technologies such as smart irrigation systems, drone surveillance, data analytics, and a proprietary soil nutrition regime.

(L to R)Jonathan Chandra Chief Financial Officer, Dr Vijay Pillai, Durian Capital Managing Director, Afiq Johar Chief Executive Officer

Durian Capital’s technology not only optimises yield of musang king produce, it also delivers secure, reliable investing via an easy-to-use platform on its website, both on desktop and mobile. To strengthen transparency and give investors better peace of mind, the Company will be publishing prospectuses and updating reports every 6 months so investors can be assured of progress throughout the lifetime of their investment.

Afiq Johar, Durian Capital CEO says, "We are proud and excited to launch Malaysia’s 1st Licensed Durian Investment Scheme dedicated to Musang King. With the exponential growth of the durian market in recent years, we’ve designed our Investment Scheme to encourage more Malaysians to participate and share in the growth of Malaysia’s star produce. Looking ahead, we aim to play a role in strengthening financial literacy and resilience amongst the Malaysian public. Various macroeconomic data points indicate a worrying trend - Malaysians are not saving enough, especially for retirement. At the same time household debt continues to rise, undoubtedly exacerbated by the COVID pandemic. We hope that our Durian Investment Scheme can democratise agriculture investing and offer an inclusive & attractive product that will help Malaysians prepare for a better future. ”

Dr Vijay Pillai, Durian Capital Managing Director, further comments, "We would like to express appreciation to Suruhanjaya Syarikat Malaysia for pioneering the Interest Scheme Act 2016 that enables home-grown Malaysian companies such as Durian Capital to seek alternative financing for growth. We hope that being licensed under the Interest Scheme Act 2016 will help strengthen investor confidence in our offering as it ensures governance, transparency and clear investor protection. We hope that our Durian Investment Scheme will be a success and spur the growth and advancement of Malaysia’s agriculture sector."

Investors can start investing with a minimum amount of RM10,000 per unit.

Applications for units can be made directly via Durian Capital sales team by dropping a WhatsApp message at +6019-226 1221 or email to marketing info@duriancapital.com.my