Carsome launches Carsome Insights 2021 revealing top used car trends and preferences in Malaysia

Malaysia’s used car industry saw significant growth in 2021 due to several contributing factors - from global supply chain disruptions and chip shortages which affected new car sales or contributed towards higher prices, to consumers leaning towards private car ownership over ride hailing services and public transport during the pandemic.

With Malaysians continuing to see private car ownership as a necessity, we are delighted to share Carsome Insights 2021 - a series of 12 infographics which reveals top trends and preferences among used car buyers, sellers and dealers in Malaysia.

Key findings include:

Insights among used car buyers
  • Perodua (41%) leads the most popular car brands among consumers, followed by Honda (23%) and Proton (18%
  • Perodua Myvi (25%) is the preferred car model among consumers, followed by Proton Axia (17%) and Honda City (11%)
  • White (28%) is the most popular car colour among consumers, followed closely by silver (24%) and gray (19%)

Insights among used car sellers
  • Perodua is the most popular car brand among cars sold to Carsome, accounting for 35% of all vehicles, followed by Proton (24%) and Toyota (20%)
  • Perodua Myvi (25% of transactions) is the most popular car model, followed by Proton Axia (17%) and Honda City (11%)
  • White (30%) is the most popular car color sold to Carsome followed by gray (27%) and black (19%)

Insights among used car dealers
  • Toyota (32%) is the preferred car brand among dealers, topping Perodua (22%), and Honda (20%)
  • Perodua Myvi (21%) is the most popular car model among used car dealers. Toyota Vios (13%) is a distant second, followed by Honda City (11%).
  • White (33%) is the most popular car color among used car dealers, followed by silver (24%) and black (21%)

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