Home Lifestyle Première Hotel Première Hotel Rendered Post-Flood Relief Assistance For Chinese New Year
Home Lifestyle Première Hotel Première Hotel Rendered Post-Flood Relief Assistance For Chinese New Year

Première Hotel Rendered Post-Flood Relief Assistance For Chinese New Year

Demonstrating an act of kindness to mark the end of the celebration

Première Hotel  spreads joy and eases the burden of the flood-affected families in Taman Maznah, Klang by presenting relief aid to their houses

Following the recent massive flood in several parts of Malaysia, Première Hotel, the property investment and management business under WCT Holdings Berhad (“WCT Group”) reached out to the severely impacted victims of Taman Maznah, Klang, and distributed fresh supplies to ease their burden after what they have been through.

Selangor has been one of the worst-affected areas in the country due to the unprecedented rainfall that led many household members experiencing loss of their home, personal belongings and washed away their festive preparation especially during the month of December. These families face tough challenges as they have lost most of their possessions due to the disastrous event. Thus, through this social responsibility project, Première Hotel hopes to lighten the difficulties faced by the affected community.

Mr. Christopher Chan, Première Hotel Manager said “During these tough times, with COVID-19 still lingering around, we must not forget those who suffered huge losses from the devastating flood incident. We have identified the flood victims' families in Klang and gathered our staff to be on the ground to assist and distribute the basic necessities. It is heartbreaking to see the aftermath of the flood and to clean the area is not an easy task. This is the time where they need our help and support the most.”

One of the flood victims was delighted to see Première Hotel staff upon their arrival in Taman Maznah, Klang yesterday  to distribute basic necessities

As part of Première Hotel's effort to assist the flash flood victims, basic necessities such as cooking ingredients, biscuits, coffee, mushroom soup and milk were given to the families. In addition, in conjunction with Chinese New Year, each family also received an Ang Pow as a token of good wishes and a form of blessing that is prevalent in Chinese culture.

Mr Heng Yak Kit, father of 3 children, whose house was severely affected and the breadwinner of his family said “As we usher in the New Year, people are celebrating a new beginning and hoping for a better tomorrow. Surely it is sad to see our family’s house and belongings ruined by the flood. We, on the other hand, have celebrated the new year differently due to the unfortunate occurrence. Nevertheless, we are still very thankful for this kind of flood relief and assistance that has been provided to us. With our current situation, we really appreciate such assistance as it would help to ease our burden.”

The prosperity toss, or Yee Sang, is an important part of the Chinese New Year celebrations since it is believed to bring good fortune and wealth. To mark the end of the Chinese New Year celebration, Première Hotel sent a special set of Yee Sang from its Royal Gourmet Restaurant for each family to enjoy with their loved ones.

Première Hotel Manager, Christopher Chan handed the special Yee Sang set for the flood victim to be enjoyed together with the loved ones.

“This year, due to the damages caused by the flood , our Chinese New Year Celebration was not as enjoyable as the previous years. There was no reunion dinner, lantern decorations or fireworks for us. We may not have much left with us after the disastrous event, but we are truly grateful for the community's kindness and the Yee Sang gift really brightened our day,” said Mr Twe Kai Huat, one of the flood victims in Taman Maznah, Klang.

Première Hotel encouraged employee-driven volunteerism, and with the recent relaxation of restrictions due to the pandemic, the hotel wishes to implement more on-the-ground community programmes in the future while adhering to strict Standard Operating Procedures (SOP). Moving forward, the presence of Première Hotel will remain relevant and supportive of the community's needs as Première Hotel will continue to actively engage in philanthropic initiatives in an effort to give back to the community.

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