Home Education IDRISSI International School Lifestyle IDRISSI School Put Experiential Learning Back on the Map
Home Education IDRISSI International School Lifestyle IDRISSI School Put Experiential Learning Back on the Map

IDRISSI School Put Experiential Learning Back on the Map

  • IDRISSI School breathed new life into education after two years of online learning through the Golden Heritage of The World Exhibition
  • Students shared their outcomes of teamwork, research and life skills with a larger audience consisting of parents at IDRISSI School

IDRISSI School had just wrapped up its most awaited students-teachers exhibition, the Golden Heritage of The World, which was put on halt for over two years. The event, which has always been an annual spotlight of the school, previously postponed due to the pandemic that has changed the education ecosystem at large.

However, it seems that the students’ amazing work and performances had proven otherwise. Showcasing cultural assets of various countries, students had shown what they had studied in depth and assimilated to the beauty of the heritage across the world. They could discern the difference and distinctive features of each country’s inheritance.

Among the beautiful countries chosen were Bangladesh, Bosnia, China, Costa Rica, Egypt, Germany, Greece, Indonesia, Japan, Mexico, Netherlands, Nigeria, Pakistan, Turkey, Vietnam and Yemen. Prepared by the so-called pandemic generation, it was unreal to witness how the students managed to effectively convey the vibrance and colours that each country beholds.

The event was incredibly well-received despite a situation where a highly mutated variant is in incline. Groups that were in quarantine also did not miss the chance to perform and broadcast their long-prepared showcase through the screen. Nothing could stand in their way, for it was something that only school-hood could offer.

Not only students and teachers, parents also did not miss voicing out their longing to touch the ground with their children at school. All the parents, on the other hand, also admitted that it is now time for the students to move back into a full learning experience.

“After the pandemic where kids were online for two years, I think this is the best way to celebrate 2022. The kids are so vibrant and full of ideas. IDRISSI is indeed the best place to explore and expand their capability. I have always enjoyed events by IDRISSI,” said Juliana Jallaludin, a parent of Ryan Elias Bierbrauer, a student representing Germany.

While cautions are still in place, the school has been giving solid reassurance to parents and students to get back to a full learning mode, including excursion. Seeing the students actively take part in their learning made the parents and teachers feel not only proud, but also indirectly gives an impression of what they acquired these two years.

“I have always been excited for this yearly event and as usual, I am impressed with the students’ work, creativity and presentation skills. This is the main reason why we make it happen. I would say every booth is fantastic and has its uniqueness. You cannot imagine how much effort they put in to set up this whole heritage site,” said Julie Wong, the Chief Executive Officer of GAINS Education Group, the holding company of IDRISSI School.

The whole exhibition is built out of recyclable materials through upcycling methods. Despite sounding difficult, it came to no surprise that this environmental education has been widely taught in IDRISSI since its establishment as an eco-school in 2015. Congratulations and well done to all students, teachers and parents of IDRISSI International School, Setia Alam.

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