Home Lifestyle Shopee Shopee wraps up a successful first 3.15 Consumer Day, with 5 times more items bought in the first 2 hours of 15 March
Home Lifestyle Shopee Shopee wraps up a successful first 3.15 Consumer Day, with 5 times more items bought in the first 2 hours of 15 March

Shopee wraps up a successful first 3.15 Consumer Day, with 5 times more items bought in the first 2 hours of 15 March

Shopee users found more ways to celebrate and reward themselves, with over 36 million vouchers claimed per hour at Shopee’s first mega sale of the year

Shopee, the leading e-commerce platform in Southeast Asia and Taiwan, concluded a successful 3.15 Consumer Day, its first mega sale of the year. More people were able to shop and reward themselves with Shopee, with 5 times more items bought in the first 2 hours of 15 March compared to an average day. Over 36 million Shopee vouchers were claimed per hour on 15 March, as users saved more on everything they needed.

With more users celebrating at 3.15, brands and sellers were able to easily connect with and engage them. Orders on Shopee Mall increased 5 times compared to an average day, as brands saw a surge in traffic to Official Stores. Local businesses also saw a boost in sales, powered by strong support from shoppers. In Malaysia, medical supplies seller OneWorld PPE, face mask seller wiwutechnologies, and pet supplies seller Gun Pet Outlet emerged as the top sellers this 3.15.

Shoppers also celebrated 3.15 Consumer Day with Shopee all over social media, with over 560,000 engagements recorded on Shopee Malaysia’s social media channels during the campaign which took place from 3 March till 15 March. Loyal Shopee users also won huge prizes with the #ShopeeCelebratesYou initiative on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, with loyal users surprised with RM15 Shopee vouchers in Malaysia.

Kenneth Soh, Head of Marketing Campaigns at Shopee Malaysia said, “We are happy to see more people finding time to celebrate and reward themselves at our first 3.15 Consumer Day. Our users will always form the core of everything we do, and we are proud to pioneer another special day for them and the millions of businesses we serve. The year has only just begun, and users can look forward to even more exciting activities to enjoy in the months ahead. We look forward to creating more value and joy for all of our users in the rest of 2022.”

3.15 Consumer Day in Malaysia
In Malaysia, more shoppers were able to discover the joy of online shopping with Shopee. In particular, 3.15 Consumer Day gave users the chance to show themselves and others around them some appreciation.

Interestingly, on 15 March, the number of shoppers from outside capital cities in the country increased by more than 6 times compared to an average day, showcasing the increased reach of the mega sale.

Other 3.15 highlights in Malaysia include:

Malaysians found time to unwind with Shopee
  • More users were able to enjoy the value and variety offered by Shopee, with Johor Bahru, Kota Kinabalu, and Kota Bharu seeing the highest number of first-time shoppers.
  • Physical wellness, environmental self-care, and social well-being were among Malaysians’ priorities as they took the chance to emphasise on self-care throughout the 3.15 Consumer Day period.
    • Physical wellness - During the mega sale period, razors and sunscreens were highly sought after by those eager to look after their skin. Baking items including high protein flour and cake containers were also popular, as Malaysians took to cooking at home as part of discovering new interests.
    • Environmental self-care - Wallpapers and curtains experienced a high demand, seeing as more and more people look to beautify the home.
    • Social well-being - Meanwhile, pet lovers pampered their furry friends by purchasing pet snacks and other necessities like cat litter and pet training pads. Snacks like popcorn and sambal kacang ikan bilis were also in high demand by Malaysians that wanted to indulge a little with their loved ones.
  • Overall, Home & Living, Health & Beauty, and Groceries & Pets were the most popular categories, with skincare masks, home improvement supplies and pet supplies achieving high sales.
  • Many also went all out to reward themselves at 3.15 Consumer Day, with one user spending over RM247,000 on home appliances such as various types of vacuum cleaners and a smart TV.

Giving businesses a welcome boost
  • 3.15 Consumer Day was the biggest shopping day in the first half of the year for many businesses: Local sellers saw a lift in traffic and transactions, with a local electronics retailer clocking RM3.6 million in GMV on 15 March alone.
  • Users discovered and purchased more from brands on Shopee Mall, with Xiaomi, Drypers, HABIB and Kiehl’s the crowd favourites. Mr.DIY enjoyed a 4 times uplift in sales on 15 March.

Creating more value with ShopeePay and ShopeeFood
  • More people continued to enjoy the ease and convenience of digital payments through ShopeePay. On 15 March, the number of ShopeePay transactions surged by 3.5 times.
  • Users also saved more on their favourite local food merchants, with more than 1 million ShopeeFood vouchers claimed on 15 March. The list of top food items ordered on 15 March include Portuguese Egg Tarts, Satay, Kopitiam Food, Tau Foo Fah and Chicken Rice.

Delighting consumers with more fun and entertainment
  • 4.4 million views were recorded on Shopee Live, as users connected with sellers, brands and local celebrities.
  • More than 31 million plays were clocked on Shopee Prizes, as Malaysians continued to play and earn more Shopee coins and prizes.

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