Home Travel Traveloka Traveloka targets full post-pandemic recovery by end of 2022
Home Travel Traveloka Traveloka targets full post-pandemic recovery by end of 2022

Traveloka targets full post-pandemic recovery by end of 2022

Aims to play a significant role in aiding local tourism rebound, in conjunction with its 10th year anniversary

In conjunction with its 10th year anniversary in the region, Traveloka, Southeast Asia’s travel superapp, aims to help rebuild and revive the local tourism sector.

Traveloka will continue its COVID-19 recovery efforts in Malaysia to help contribute significantly to the reopening of the local tourism industry, the third-largest contributor to Malaysia’s GDP.

“With the future reopening of Malaysian borders to international travellers, we are committed to continue working with stakeholders at the federal and state government levels, as a conduit to drive local tourism activities,” said Angelica Chan, Country Manager, Traveloka Malaysia.

Since the pandemic first hit Malaysia in 2020, Traveloka has played a significant role in innovating to help the travel and tourism industry, through some of the most challenging times.

In collaboration with the Malaysia Healthcare Travel Council (MHTC) and the Malaysian Medical Association (MAA), Traveloka launched the Medical Heroes Appreciation Campaign in 2020, providing exclusive discounts to medical workers and medical institutions via their Buy Now Stay Later programme across 250 local hotel partners. The programme enabled medical workers to purchase hotel stays, and use it at a later date, whenever they wanted to take a break.

As soon as the first travel bubble to Langkawi was announced last year, Traveloka worked closely with Tourism Malaysia, and achieved a 70 per cent increase in flight bookings, 40 per cent growth in hotel bookings, and a three-fold jump in tourist attraction receipts.

The travel superapp, which is engineered to empower the region’s fast growing and highly aspirational users to enjoy new experiences, as well as explore the world around them, hit 60 per cent growth in sales in 2021, compared to the same period in 2019, through their promotional efforts which include its monthly double digit promotions (eg 10.10, 11.11) and year end sales.

Commenting on the travel superapp’s renewed enthusiasm in playing a bigger role in the local tourism scene, Tourism Malaysia director general Dato’ Haji Zainuddin Abdul Wahab said, “We welcome Traveloka’s initiatives to constantly be agile in their pursuit of digitising travel experiences and making it an integral part of every Malaysians’ lives. And, especially as we are gearing up to revitalise the economy once more, Traveloka’s drive is a refreshing start to a new decade of possibilities.”

The travel superapp will continue to fulfil users’ lifestyle and travelling aspirations through extraordinary deals at highly competitive pricing from platform partners in the airlines, attractions, hotels, as well as spa and beauty segments.

As such, Traveloka appoints Diana Danielle as brand ambassador for Malaysia to commemorate its 10 years in Southeast Asia. With the appointment, the travel superapp hopes to further engage and understand local users and partners alike.

On her appointment as one of Traveloka’s brand ambassadors, singer-actress Diana Danielle said, “I am truly heartened by this appointment. Travel has always been a way for my family and I to create memories and has become an important part of our family life. The travel industry was one of the hardest hit during the pandemic, and I am looking forward to playing my part in helping Malaysia rebuild the tourism industry through Traveloka.”

To kick off the celebrations and enrich Malaysians’ travel and lifestyle experience, as well as to express gratitude for their support throughout the years, the travel superapp created an innovative augmented reality (AR) game for its 10th anniversary. The game is called Cut A Cake, and users will be able to win coupons worth up to RM10,000 when they cut 10 cakes for Traveloka. The coupons are valid for redemption between 21 February and 6 March 2022.

“Traveloka has just launched a special AR game. They created this game to show gratitude and reward Malaysian users. Join me to play and win some exciting holiday travel prizes,” said Danielle.

The travel superapp will also be connecting with its audiences by partnering with local influencers and content creators such as Jovyn, SoniqWebs and Myra Natasya for a seven-day Instagram Livestream, between 28 February and 6 March 2022, in which giveaways will be included.

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