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Home Huawei Malaysia Technology From Amateur to Skilled Photographer with the HUAWEI P50 Pro

From Amateur to Skilled Photographer with the HUAWEI P50 Pro

Read on this tips and tricks to enjoy true photography experience with the Legend Reborn, HUAWEI P50 Pro

Photography is no longer a skill or talent that is restricted to certain people. Nowadays, with the advancement of technology such as artificial intelligence and editing tools, taking pictures is for everyone. Previously, if one wanted to venture into photography, the first thing you need is a camera. That is no longer the case today as your own smartphone can be the perfect choice for professional photographers and photography enthusiasts alike.

Dubbed as the Legend Reborn, the HUAWEI P50 Pro is embedded with all the photography features you would ever need to be a professional photographer among your friends. Equipped with the Super Main Camera Matrix and True-Chroma Front Camera along with multiple lenses capabilities such as the HUAWEI XD Optics and HUAWEI XD Fusion Pro Engine, you can be sure to create an incredibly stunning image from the HUAWEI P50 Pro.

If you own one or are thinking of getting the HUAWEI P50 Pro and want to maximise your photography experience, here are some tips and tricks to transform you from an amateur into a skilled photographer and show-off your photography skills to your friends.

Stunning Quality with HUAWEI XD Optics
If you have owned a HUAWEI P-series smartphone before, you would know that the smartphone line-up is serious about photography and taking ultra-clear high-definition images have never been easier. Engineered with the state-of-the-art photography technology, just line up the HUAWEI P50 Pro and the advanced distortion correction algorithm will automatically improve the image whether it is in a low light environment, close-ups, or zoom shots, resulting in a cleaner, sharper, and high-quality imagery. Better yet, the AI Stabilisation feature fitted in the camera of the HUAWEI P50 Pro enables you to enjoy crystal-clear images even when you are in a low-light setting. Snap Instagram worthy shots wherever and whenever and the HUAWEI P50 Pro will do its job to give you incredible images.

Real Life Colours with True-Chrome Camera
If there is one thing that most smartphone cameras have previously struggled at, it is to produce lifelike colours on the images captured. This is about to change with the True-Chroma Camera on the Main Camera Matrix on the HUAWEI P50 Pro as it is able to capture more light when you are taking a picture, producing an amazingly detailed and clear image. The HUAWEI P50 Pro is fitted with ambient light sensing system that is able to distinguish between ambient light and colour accuracy. So now you can simply snap your shot and it will automatically tap into the 2,000 colours stored in the system to create vibrant and lifelike colours on your images.

Never Miss Out on Anything with its Ultra-Wide Angle Lens
You know how sometimes when we zoom in to take pictures, the images will come out blurry and pixelated? With the Ultra-Wide Angle lens that supports up to 100x digital zoom, you can rest assured that the HUAWEI P50 Pro allows you to take a clear image even at a distance. Simply zoom in and snap the image you want on the HUAWEI P50 Pro, and it will automatically produce an image that needs no editing. Of course, sometimes when we zoom in to take pictures at a far distance, the focus of the subject may be skewed a little and we would not want that. The Digital Viewfinder on the HUAWEI P50 Pro helps track the subject in real-time while stabilising the camera while you zoom in and automatically identify the subject, making sure that the subject is always in focus. Now, put in minimal effort to take pictures, just zoom in and let the HUAWEI P50 Pro work its magic.

Photogenic Portraits with Telephoto Facial Recognition
The HUAWEI P50 is great for portrait pictures. Unleash your model spirit and pose candidly in front of the camera for stunning portrait images with the help of the Telephoto Lens fitted in the HUAWEI P50 Pro. Of course, it’s easy to use the lens – simply select the lens in the Camera app and you will be able to shoot a beautiful portrait. You know how hard it is sometimes to take a portrait picture as some cameras would need you to be at a certain distant to activate the feature, but with the HUAWEI P50 Pro, you can take a picture as close as being 14cm away. Now, take your portrait selfie or of your loved ones and capture the memory eternally.

The Only Front Camera That Matters
The HUAWEI P50 Pro does not only emphasise the main camera, but also enhanced the front camera. If you are donning your outfit of the day, of course you would want to show it off on your social media and take loads of selfies. Fitted with a 100-degree Wide-Angle True Chroma Front Camera, the HUAWEI P50 Pro captures spectacular images. If that’s not enough, the front camera will automatically detect your facial structure while you are taking a selfie or group photos and produce fine, clear details in the image.

Smart Editing on the HUAWEI P50 Pro
Not all pictures we take may come out perfect, especially when it involves having unwanted subjects in the background of the image. Fret not! With the HUAWEI P50 Pro’s Innovative Segmentation Algorithm, simply draw an area around the unwanted subject and it will intelligently identify and erase it from the rest of the image. If you are worried that the edit may affect the overall image, well the only effect it leaves is how appealing the image will be once you are done with the editing.

A Plethora of Applications on the AppGallery
While the HUAWEI P50 Pro comes with its own editing software that will definitely get the job done, of course you can always take it up one step further. Enjoy an array of reliable third-party applications available on the AppGallery. Find the right editing applications for you on the AppGallery with ease as there are various options for you to choose from. Be it applications to edit, apply filters, or even image enhancement, there is the one foe you. Of course, if you are not sure which app may be the right one for you, don’t worry as you can get more information on your favourite applications before you download them through videos, articles or even audio clips on the AppGallery.

With the tips and tricks above, you can always be sure to capture visually stunning images as the HUAWEI P50 Pro is equipped with all the right photography features such as HUAWEI XD Optics, True Chroma Image Engine, Super High-Definition Image Processing Engine and Ultra-Wide Angle Lens.

What are you waiting for? The HUAWEI P50 Pro is the ultimate smartphone to experience the ideal photography wonder. If you are convinced of getting one for yourself, now you can with the HUAWEI Ramadan Superb Deal happening now until 10 May 2022 where you can walk away with a FREE HUAWEI FreeBuds Pro worth RM699 with every purchase of the HUAWEI P50 Pro at HUAWEI Experience Store near you and HUAWEI Official Website!

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