Home Samsung Galaxy Technology Samsung Galaxy S22: Why We Fell in Love with the S Pen on the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra ?
Home Samsung Galaxy Technology Samsung Galaxy S22: Why We Fell in Love with the S Pen on the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra ?

Samsung Galaxy S22: Why We Fell in Love with the S Pen on the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra ?

For the first time in the Galaxy S Series, the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra comes standard in a box with a special Samsung digital pen (stylus) known as the S Pen. Unlike other Galaxy S Series phones, this one has a compartment for storing the S Pen. The S Pen's storage compartment is located on the device's lower left side, right next to the speaker grille.

In terms of technology, Samsung claims that the S Pen in the Galaxy S22 Ultra is more durable and agile than the S Pen in other Samsung Galaxy phones. This is because the S Pen's latency has been reduced to 2.8 ms. In comparison, the S Pen latency on the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra and Galaxy S21 Ultra is 9 ms.

So, what about the S Pen's features? What can users do with the ostensibly more sophisticated S Pen?

Draw And Write Just Like How You Do On Paper
The first thing you can do with your Samsung Galaxy S Pen is, of course, write or draw just like how you do on paper. When the S Pen is released, the phone's interface (UI) immediately displays a pop-up menu with various S Pen features such as making a note (Create note), writing multiple descriptions in a screenshot image, etc.

Users can also use the camera app to draw animations or AR stickers directly on their faces or use the PENUP menu to create an illustration with the S Pen. In addition to selecting applications and features that are already available, users can use the "Add" menu to bring up features or shortcut icons of various favorite applications installed on the phone in the S Pen's pop-up menu.

In addition to taking notes via the pop-up menu mentioned previously, the feature of writing with the S Pen can also be enjoyed when the phone screen is in standby mode. In that case, removing the S Pen transforms the phone screen into a black screen that can be scribbled on like a blackboard.

This feature is handy if users want to record important things that happen unexpectedly. The sensation of using the S Pen itself is similar to writing or drawing on a piece of paper.

Because of the low latency mentioned earlier, the phone screen is quite responsive to input from the S Pen.

Transformed Your Handwriting Into Digital Text.
The S Pen to Text feature is available with this stylus. Users can use the S Pen to write manually and convert it to digital text, which can then be copied to other applications such as Notes. To use this feature, users must first enable it via the menu "Settings"> "Advanced features"> "S Pen"> and "S Pen to text."

Once the feature is enabled, users can use the S Pen to write different words or sentences, then press the "Recognize text" button in the bottom row of menus. This feature allows the phone to predict a letter or phrase written by the user and convert it directly to digital text without having to wait for the user to finish writing the word or sentence.

The ability to convert scribbled text from the S Pen into digital text is helpful for those who do not want to type notes using the phone keyboard manually. However, if you want to use this feature, make sure the text or sentences you create are as well written as possible. This is to prevent your smartphone system from misinterpreting the letters you write, such as a lowercase "I" being mistaken as a lowercase "L" if no "dot" is attached to it.

Use It as A Remote Control.
The S Pen in the Galaxy S22 Ultra can be used as a control accessory (remote control) in addition to writing and drawing, thanks to the Air Command feature.When opening the camera app, for example, the button on the S Pen can function as a shutter button, eliminating the need for users to press the shutter button on the phone screen to take a photo.

Additionally, while listening to a song, you can use your S Pen to pause or play music, play the next song, etc. Your S Pen is also be used to navigate to the next slide in a Microsoft PowerPoint or other presentation.

The S Pen button will also serve as a stopwatch mode stop/start button when you open the Clock app. In addition to the standard functions, the S Pen in the Galaxy S22 Ultra supports the Air Gesture feature.

This feature can be accessed by pressing the S Pen key while performing certain gestures to execute a command on the phone. To return to a previous application or menu without touching the screen, for example, the user can press the S Pen key while making a letter "C" gesture.

Complete commands for these S Pen gesture, as well as customization of S Pen key functions for various other applications installed on the phone, can be seen in the Air Actions menu available in the S Pen menu in the menu "Settings"> "Advanced features"> "S Pen "> and" Air Actions ".

Other S Pen features
In addition to these features, the S Pen in the Galaxy S22 Ultra has other features that may be useful to some users, one of which is the ability to copy text from one application to another. When two applications are running in split screen mode, this feature can be used.

Then there's the S Pen Unlock feature, which allows the device's screen lock to be unlocked using the S Pen, and Air View, which allows users to peek at the content being displayed without touching the screen. There is also a reminder feature that will display a warning screen if the user forgets to put their S Pen in the compartment.

When the phone detects that the S Pen is not in its compartment and is far away from the phone, it will display a pop-up window informing the user that their S Pen has been left behind. If you somehow forgotten or managed to lost it and cannot be found, you don’t have to worry because the S Pen is also sold separately.

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