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Home Huawei Technology Game Changer Feature of HUAWEI MatePad

Game Changer Feature of HUAWEI MatePad

Exclusive features on the tablet to help you enjoy studying and working

While the HUAWEI MatePad excels as a standalone device, its ecosystem of peripherals brings it to its fullest potential to maximise your efficiency. HUAWEI Smart Keyboard, for example, packs feature that provide for efficient input. These enable the user to perform more complicated computing tasks at ease. Wireless mice can also connect with the tablet for even greater convenience and a more fluid PC-like experience.

HUAWEI MatePad 10.4 is compatible with the second-gen HUAWEI M-Pencil that features system- level stylus capabilities including HUAWEI FreeScript, Annotate and Take Snippet, making handwriting input more efficient and convenient. Here are some features available on the tablet, to help you enjoy studying and working on the device with no fuss.

Coupled with the new generation HUAWEI M-Pencil, your Matepad can now accept your handwriting as an input method across multiple apps – in other words, write in it without a keyboard. Your device will now accept handwriting with the stylus and convert it into text input.

Additionally, HUAWEI FreeScript allows you to use the M-Pencil to input text in any text field smoothly. Some built-in shortcuts include:
  • Draw a horizontal line on text to select text.
  • Draw a wavy line to delete text.
  • Draw a vertical line to add or delete space between characters.

The HUAWEI M-Pencil (2nd generation) is accompanied by a whole suite of related software improvements, making the stylus more intelligent to a user’s needs. With the Annotate feature, users can make annotations on any interface and highlight key content at any time. This helps them focus on the task at hand while capturing their thoughts to aid understanding and remembering.

Take Snippet
When spotting valuable information that is useful for future reference, a natural habit of the digital age is to take screenshots and insert them into the preferred notetaking app. However, using entire screenshots for notetaking is often cumbersome and inefficient. With the tablet’s Take Snippet function, tapping the stylus twice or swiping inward from the top-right corner of the screen allows users to freely select any content on screen to capture only what they need. Users may choose to edit or draw on these snippets by selecting the target area and entering scribble mode, before it is saved, shared, or put into the note taking app via drag-and-drop.

This is particularly helpful for reviewing documents, which users can do naturally and efficiently with the stylus. Your annotations can be stored in the tablet as images or PDFs for easy future reference. This feature is as important to professionals as it is to students. Both can benefit from capturing important information on the fly rather than having to separately note them down, or risk forgetting about it.

The introduction of these functions in addition to others such as Multi-Window and the App Multiplier, truly makes the MatePad your all-in-one device for a smarter and more efficient work experience.

Additionally, HUAWEI MatePad 10.4 is compatible with many apps from AppGallery such as WPS, Jnotes and Touchnotes, which provide better writing and drawing experience compared to traditional pen and paper to ramp up your productivity. Meanwhile, HUAWEI AppGallery offers a diverse and growing variety of local apps from productivity to entertainment to cater to the majority of users’ day-to-day needs.

The good news? The HUAWEI MatePad 10.4 is available nationwide at RM1,599 with freebies worth RM399 including HUAWEI Smart Keyboard on the HUAWEI Official Website,HUAWEIOfficial Store on Shopee or HUAWEI Flagship Store on Lazada.

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