Home HONOR Technology HONOR Magic4 Pro production line opened to the public eye
Home HONOR Technology HONOR Magic4 Pro production line opened to the public eye

HONOR Magic4 Pro production line opened to the public eye

Tech geeks are expected to see a number of industry-first technological innovations

Prior to the Malaysian launch of the HONOR Magic4 Pro and other countries, HONOR has taken a crystal-clear approach in revealing its HONOR Intelligent Manufacturing Industrial Park to the public view, comprising the production line of the imminent arrival of the HONOR Magic4 Pro. From an interview with the CEO of HONOR Global George Zhao and the information gathered from the scene, it is expected that the various production procedures and HONOR Magic4 Pro's unique technology can be seen in plain daylight.

Located at the Shenzhen, China, the HONOR Intelligent Manufacturing Industrial Park produces mainly on premium smart phones namely the HONOR Magic and Number series, including the foldable screen of the HONOR Magic V and the soon to be released HONOR Magic4 Pro in Malaysia. The state-of-the-art park encompasses centres for new product verification, mass productions for high-end flagship mobile phones, developing new process and technology and smart capacity manufacturing. Together with their chain partners, HONOR aims to bring into the world high-quality products for the ultimate user experience.

Currently, an overall automation rate of intelligent manufacturing at 75% and self-developed equipment accounts for 40%, a new mass-produced smartphone can be produced in 28.5 seconds on average

HONOR looks at itself as a production company aiming at the highest quality. "In order to achieve a continuous improvement of consumer experience, we aim to break the original comfort zone and challenge ourselves in higher fields. Obtaining an intelligent manufacturing factory is a breakthrough for us in the manufacturing field. Through R&D, trials in mass production and testing, we look in providing innovative products of high quality to consumers,” George Zhao said.

Calibration and automated testing equipment - Ultra-Fusion Photography
To achieve the extensive level of ultra-fusion photography, the HONOR Magic4 Pro has extended from its predecessors by calibration improvements. The cameras are now merged with AI algorithms for detailed images with authentic colors. A fully automated equipment testing has been conducted across 100 tests of full focal length range, with further digital platform to collect data above 300 parameters in real time to ensure the consistency and quality of user experience, thanks to the help of these analysis.

A closer inspection of the HONOR Magic4 Pro

Industry-first Intelligent Dual Sound-Emitting Unit - AI Privacy Call
Equipped with the AI Privacy Call feature – the first in the industry and embedded in the HONOR Magic4 Pro – it offers an effective solution to common sound leakage complaints found in smartphones. The feature leverages on HONOR’s industry-first Intelligent Dual Sound-Emitting Unit, which requires a special bone conduction piece.

The mounting of the bone conduction piece to the screen requires extremely accuracy, with any minor errors effecting the screen. To make it perfect, the R&D and the manufacturing team spent three months developing the automated high-precision mounting equipment, which used a computer vision and optimized algorithms to achieve an accuracy of 0.01mm, resulting in a yield rate of 99.99%.

HONOR Magicc4 Pro audio hardware test

Automated testing system - Lower Specific Absorption Rate
HONOR adopts a fully automated testing system for Specific Absorption Rate to ensure its product safety, benchmarking every one of HONOR smartphones against the highest industry standards. According to data from our quality laboratory, the HONOR Magic4 Pro has a lower required SAR value by 56% of the toughest international standards.

Exclusive Screen Assembly Processes - 3D Quad-Curved LTPO Display
Thanks to its six-axis robotic arms, high-precision cameras and self-developed computer vision algorithms, HONOR’s mounting process has an accuracy range of ±0.075mm, providing the manufacturing tolerance of 0.1mm. These figures are a testament to HONOR’s superior manufacturing capabilities.

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