Home HONOR Technology HONOR Malaysia’s CEO Confirms the arrival of HONOR Magic4 Pro in early June - to include GMS and state-of-the-art technologies
Home HONOR Technology HONOR Malaysia’s CEO Confirms the arrival of HONOR Magic4 Pro in early June - to include GMS and state-of-the-art technologies

HONOR Malaysia’s CEO Confirms the arrival of HONOR Magic4 Pro in early June - to include GMS and state-of-the-art technologies

HONOR Malaysia’s CEO Justin Li revealed in a recent media interview that the pain pointer killer smartphone (Pain Point Terminator) - in the shape of the HONOR Magic4 Pro - will be launched in Malaysia during early June taking in a number of industry-first technologies.

HONOR Magic4 Pro to solve consumer’s pain points through technology
When asked about HONOR’s success in its premium products, Li shared at the interview, “We want to be a brand that adds value to consumers and the industry, beyond just on stacking hardware and contesting on parameters.”

“Premium phone users are always in a rush to charge their phone batteries, exposing their privacy and security, eye strain issues from long usage to high camera quality requirements. These are the pain points that will be addressed by the HONOR Magic4 Pro – for a top-notch smartphone with advanced technologies.”

HONOR smartphones equipped with Google Mobile Services (GMS)
Justin Li said, “After our independence, HONOR has inherited such an advanced R&D that increases our product quality control and patents application systems.” With such, HONOR is able to develop its business with freedom to explore and access the world's top technical capabilities and resources. HONOR has now resumed cooperation with all supply chain partners such as AMD, BOE, Qualcomm, Magnesium, Microsoft, MediaTek, Hynix, Samsung, and more, while joining hands with a number of top companies to develop further in-depth progress. Few examples would be HONOR and Microsoft's AI full-scene connection research and HONOR with Snapdragon's research in the field of chip tuning and security.

Google Mobile Services (GMS) has been the key component that everyone is taking account into. “We are happy to tell our fans that HONOR has confirmed its cooperation with Google since 2021. As such, every HONOR smartphone supports GMS, allowing the convenient usage and updates such as YouTube, WhatsApp, Google Maps and more. HONOR strives to be a global iconic technology brand. With our strong partnership between Google and HONOR, this will help to further develop the Android ecosystem to our fans globally,” said Li firmly at the interview.

HONOR continues to upgrade its capabilities in innovation, product qualities and service experience
Li expressed that HONOR has been competitive in innovation, retail and services in the premium market.

With more than half of the 11,000 members of the team taking professional R&D roles and overlooking six R&D centres, a foundation has been built around 100 innovation laboratories worldwide and over 8,500 global patent applications, especially in developing components of visuals, communication, features, design, privacy safety and longer battery life, to name a few. “Users will be able to experience these top-notch technologies through HONOR Magic 4 Pro,” said Li.

Every HONOR smartphone is subjected to strict quality controls, emphasizing on HONOR’s approach on perfection. It has to pass over 400 product tests along 20 additional global certification standards before its release. HONOR insists on strict quality controls throughout its process with last year's unveiling of HONOR's first Intelligent Manufacturing Industrial Park - fully equipped with automated and intelligence - as an integral part of its pursuit in delivering a wide array of premium smartphones of the highest quality worldwide.

Customers wise, HONOR takes retail and service to heart, especially with the importance of offline experience of every smart life era - with customers looking at the journey of a premium brand. Li shared that HONOR will be investing heavily in 2022, with bids to increase experience stores by 300% and service centres by 110% to improvise the user’s purchase and service experience and which hopes to give a respectable lasting impression.

HONOR Malaysia aims to focus on Malaysian soil – introducing 20 products in 2022

Malaysia has been the country choice outside of China to launch the much-acclaimed HONOR 50 earlier this year. Li said that Malaysia is considered to be one of the key countries in HONOR's global marketing plan. “HONOR is ready to GO BEYOND, with more than 20 products coming in to the Malaysian market.”

The HONOR X series represents the technology covering the essentials in a smartphone, while the HONOR Magic series carries the premium flagship technology desired by most tech geeks, with the HONOR Number series symbolizes HONOR’s high-end class technology. These trios will soon take centre stage to be HONOR’s eye-catching smartphone collections.

Smartphones aside, the HONOR Watch GS 3 and HONOR Earbuds 3 Pro - previously unveiled at the MWC - will make its way to Malaysia soon. This marks HONOR’s approach in adapting its technologies for all-rounder scenario including laptops, TWS headsets, and smart watches.

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