Home Samsung Galaxy Technology Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra: Allows You To Work From Anywhere At Any Time You Want With Ease
Home Samsung Galaxy Technology Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra: Allows You To Work From Anywhere At Any Time You Want With Ease

Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra: Allows You To Work From Anywhere At Any Time You Want With Ease

Working for eight hours a day exhausts both the body and the mind. To maintain your work-life balance and enthusiasm for work, you must make time for yourself by engaging in various activities or hobbies, such as visiting tourist attractions or simply driving around town to unwind.

You can also enjoy home entertainment such as watching movies, viewing automotive video reviews, honing your creativity, drawing, playing games, etc. To accommodate a work-life balance, you need a device to support various activities, both for professional and personal needs, such as the new Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra.

Samsung unveiled the Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra recently during the Galaxy Unpacked online event. The Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra's features can meet various daily needs, both for work and entertainment.

ZulYusmar.com had been given the opportunity to try out the Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra WiFi (12 GB/256 GB) in Graphite or blackish gray. We have used this device for daily activities such as work, social media, and entertainment for about a month.

In short, the Samsung Tab S8 Ultra provides a variety of premium tablet experiences while in use. One of them is the ability to do multiple tasks simultaneously, also known as multitasking, comfortably and smoothly. This latest Samsung tablet can even perform the functions of a laptop, thanks to the inclusion of a digital stylus for taking notes, scribbling a design, coloring, or drawing. Here are the multitasking features on the Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra that users can rely on for more information.

Split Screen Feature Up To 3 Windows
The multi-active window feature, also known as split-screen, is one of the features we rely on the most when using the Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra for daily tasks.

The split-screen feature on the Samsung Tab S8 Ultra allows users to run three applications on one screen simultaneously. The split-screen ratio of each window can be adjusted to the user's preference.

When tested, all applications downloaded on the tablet are compatible with the split-screen feature. From Galaxy Notes to YouTube, Chrome, Twitter, Zoom, camera apps, the Play Store, and calculators. However, video-on-demand apps such as Netflix, HBO, Disney+, and Instagram were not optimized for a split-screen view when we tested.

This split-screen support makes it easier to complete tasks or perform multiple activities simultaneously. Furthermore, we can save time by not having to go back and forth to open the application window that is currently open.

We can write articles on the Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra while browsing the internet and participating in virtual meetings on Zoom. With the split-screen feature, you can do all three things simultaneously. It's also very simple to use the split-screen feature on the Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra.

First, we need to open one of the application windows, such as Microsoft Word. Next, drag and drop the Samsung Internet browser and Zoom apps onto the screen in that order. Despite having three windows open at once, we can still view content comfortably and sharply. This is due to the Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra's 14.6-inch screen.

The screen also supports WQXGA Plus resolution (2,960 x 1,848 pixels) with a pixel density of 240 PPI. This enables this tablet screen to delight the eyes with sharp and clear image quality or content.

"Pin" functionality in app windows
The Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra supports two displays in terms of interface. The standard tablet display is the OneUI 4.1 interface. The Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra also features Samsung DeX mode, transforming the tablet into a desktop OS-like interface. The split-screen feature is supported by standard OneUI 4.1 and DeX displays.

We prefer to use this device in Samsung DeX mode, particularly when multitasking. Because there is an additional multitasking feature in DeX mode in the form of "pinning" application windows, as the name implies, this feature allows users to pin (pin) a specific application window.

When the application window is pinned, it can later be opened on top of three other windows that were opened using the multi-window split-screen feature. As a result, users can open four application windows simultaneously on a single Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra screen.

Another intriguing feature is that the level of transparency of the pinned window can be adjusted. As shown in the image above, we can still see the contents behind the pinned window.

DeX mode can be easily activated via the Settings menu or the DeX icon integrated into the notification area in the quick settings. Users can switch between the DeX display mode and the standard One UI 4.1 interface at any time.

'Continue on another app' functionality
If you own a Samsung Galaxy smartphone, multitasking will be even more effortless because the phone can be linked to the Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra. One of them is to use the "continue on another app" feature.

This feature allows us to quickly transfer work from the Samsung Tab S8 Ultra tablet to the Samsung Galaxy phone or vice versa. For example, we can copy (copy) and paste (paste) between Samsung Galaxy devices, both tablets, and smartphones, with a single click.

We only need to copy the desired text on the Galaxy phone and paste it on the Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra tablet, or vice versa, to use the "continue on another app" feature. To do so, go to "Settings" > "Advanced features" > slide the toggle towards "on" to activate the "continue on another app" feature on your tablet and Galaxy phone. Users must also ensure that their Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra and Galaxy phone are connected to the same WiFi network, using the same Samsung account and that Bluetooth is turned on.

When we're browsing on a Samsung Galaxy smartphone and want to continue on a tablet, the "continue on another app" feature comes in handy. This feature saves time and makes multitasking easier. We don't have to waste time sending a copy of the writing from the Galaxy smartphone to the Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra tablet (or vice versa) via other platforms like WhatsApp, e-mail, or Google Docs.

Use as a "Laptop"
Why not? This is the era of adaptability. The Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra can serve as a work or productivity tablet if you require a light, fast, and versatile device. Make the most of your Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra with a Book Cover Keyboard, which connects to the tablet automatically once installed.

The Samsung Book Cover Keyboard also has a stand on the back to adjust the height of the screen mount. The Book Cover Keyboard from Samsung is more than just a tablet protector; it also includes a cover to protect the S-Pen while charging on the back, just below the camera.

The Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra screen is more than just large; it also has everything you need for entertainment. The Tab S8 Ultra screen is the most comfortable in the flagship class. It has a screen-to-body ratio of 90% and thin bezels, especially since it's Super AMOLED and has HDR 10+ to display sharp images while remaining comfortable on the eyes.

If you want to watch a movie in full-screen mode, go to Settings or Settings and look for Full-screen Apps. Voila! The notch/ bang on the Tab S8 Ultra's dual camera is hidden.

S Pen
The S Pen is, without a doubt, the most versatile stylus ever as it can be used for almost anything, including writing, drawing, coloring, taking screenshots, acting as a pointer, and executing air actions commands (commands with certain gestures without touching the screen).

The ability of the S Pen makes multitasking on the Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra easier for us. The conversion of computer handwriting is one of the S Pen's capabilities that greatly aids our multitasking. We don't have to retype our handwritten results when converting them to Word or PDF format because of this conversion capability.

The S Pen Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra now has pressure sensitivity to differentiate 4,096 pressure levels and low latency of 2.8 ms. Writing with the S Pen on the Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra screen feels similar to writing on paper with an ordinary pen, based on our own experience.

Using Book Cover Keyboard Hotkeys to Multitask
If you want an even more comfortable multitasking experience, consider purchasing a Book Cover Keyboard accessory, which features a keyboard, trackpad, and stands, allowing the tablet to be used and positioned similarly to a laptop.

This accessory's keyboard includes a row of essential keys that perform various functions and shortcuts. We also use hotkeys to switch between our favorite apps, namely the F1, F2, and F3 keys. Previously, users could also configure their application options to be displayed when they pressed the F1, F2, and F3 hotkeys. We use the hotkeys F1 for WhatsApp, F2 for Google Chrome, and F3 for YouTube Music. When multitasking, we press hotkeys to switch between apps.

The keyboard on the Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra Book Cover accessory also supports a variety of commands via shortcut keys, including "Command" + "right/left arrow" to activate the split-screen feature, "Command" + "Shift" + "S" to take screenshots, and other shortcut keys.

The trackpad already supports a variety of gestures, as does the trackpad on a laptop in general. Two-finger up and down gestures, for example, to scroll the screen up and down. Drags two fingers (pinch) inwards or outwards to zoom out and zoom in, among other things.

Extra Screen
Working with additional screens allows you to run much more multiple applications more smoothly. The productivity of your Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra can be further maximized by using it as an extra screen for your computer.

Enable Cast Screen in the Settings section of your desktop or laptop for Windows users. And then select the Second Screen option. Check that both the computer and tablet are connected to the same WiFi network. If you use a laptop or an additional screen, but your workspace at home is still limited, this may be an option for those of you who require an extra screen while on the go.

Factors that boost multitasking
In addition to the features mentioned above, multitasking on the Samsung Tab S8 Ultra tablet is becoming more fluid because this tablet is already supported by a capable chipset and a large battery capacity.

Snapdragon 8 Generation 1 Chipset
The performance of the Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra while in use is smooth and smooth. We have also never experienced lag or errors while multitasking by simultaneously opening four application windows.

This is possible because this premium tablet from Samsung is equipped with Qualcomm's most recent and sophisticated chipset, namely the Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 (4nm), with large memory. According to internal company testing, this latest chipset results in a 24 percent increase in CPU and GPU performance compared to the previous model.

The Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 has eight processor cores (CPU): one Cortex-X2 3.0 GHz, three Cortex-A710 2.4 GHz, and four Cortex-A510 1.70 GHz. The CPU is paired with an Adreno 730 graphics processor (GPU) with a speed of 818 MHz for visual performance.

The chipset is coupled with 12 GB of RAM and 256 GB of storage. If that isn't enough, this device has the RAM Plus feature, which allows you to expand RAM capacity with virtual RAM up to 8 GB. The device's media storage can then be expanded to 1 TB by inserting a microSD card.

Multitasking takes longer with a larger battery.
The Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra's performance is also aided by a battery capacity of 11,200 mAh. According to our experience using this device for multitasking, the Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra is dependable and can last all day. As previously stated, we prefer to use this tablet for multitasking in Samsung DeX mode.

We frequently multitask with several applications, including the Chrome browser, Samsung Notes, Picsart photo editing software, apps for collaboration while working on Trello, and YouTube Music for constant music listening. We usually use this device during work and watch YouTube videos or Netflix movies.

With this usage scenario, the Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra was able to last for 18.5 hours with a screen on time of more than 10.5 hours with a fully charged battery. The tablet has 7% remaining power at the end of the day. It should be noted that when we set the adaptive refresh rate of the screen to only 60 Hz, we can enjoy a screen-on time of up to more than 10 hours.

When the refresh rate is set to the maximum of 120 Hz, the Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra battery can last for approximately 17 hours with a screen-on time of roughly 9.5 hours. The remaining power at the end of the day is 5%. A large battery that can last a long time must be compensated for by a short charging time.

The Samsung Tab S8 Ultra already supports SuperFast Charging at 45 watts. However, to use it, users must spend money out of their own pockets to purchase a 45-watt SuperFast charging adapter separately. This is since Samsung no longer includes a charger head with the Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra is a tablet with many incredible specs. We can conclude that the Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra is the best Android tablet ever released.

Starting with a large and comfortable screen, prominent speakers, beautiful cameras, fast performance with Snapdragon 8 Gen 1, large batteries, versatile and responsive S Pen, and Book Cover Keyboard accessories, the Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra has a lot going for it.

In general, we believe that the Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra is the one for those who are productive and need to carry your tablet with you wherever you go. Furthermore, the Samsung DeX mode allows the tablet to be converted into a laptop. This makes it easier for you if you have an impromptu task that needs to be completed right away.

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