Home Fashion SHEIN SHEIN Features New Clothing Line evoluSHEIN For Its 6.6 Mid-Year Sale
Home Fashion SHEIN SHEIN Features New Clothing Line evoluSHEIN For Its 6.6 Mid-Year Sale

SHEIN Features New Clothing Line evoluSHEIN For Its 6.6 Mid-Year Sale

SHEIN, an online retailer of fashion, beauty and lifestyle products, has announced the launch of evoluSHEIN, a purpose-driven collection available to SHEIN customers around the world.

With inclusive sizing, responsibly sourced materials, and the collection supporting women’s empowerment projects worldwide, the new line will be an affordable option for customers seeking to make a positive impact with their product choices.

By shopping the evoluSHEIN line, customers can proudly say they are supporting the work of Vital Voices – a leading international non-profit that invests in women leaders taking on the world’s greatest challenges, including gender-based violence, the climate crisis, economic inequities, and more.

In addition, SHEIN is also launching the 6.6 Mid-Year Sale, the biggest mid-year sale with rewards that you do not want to miss. You’ll be able to take advantage of massive discounts when you shop at the SHEIN website featuring the brand’s trademark dresses, tops, and accessories.

From June 1 to 7, get discounts of up to 90% off on select items from the massive SHEIN catalogue online. Use the SHEIN app to easily navigate your way to huge discounts and choices you’ll have a hard time finding anywhere else.

The first release of evoluSHEIN clothing will feature recycled polyester - a fiber obtained from plastic waste. To produce the fabric, materials such as used plastic bottles are carefully cleaned, shredded into pieces, melted down, and spun into polyester fiber.

Reducing waste and introducing recycled materials are key pillars of SHEIN’s vision of a circular economy and a sustainable future for accessible fashion. EvoluSHEIN will serve as a testing ground for new purpose- driven innovations SHEIN will be adopting throughout its greater collection.

“We are committed to building a more responsible fashion ecosystem,” said Adam Whinston, Global Head of Environmental, Social and Governance at SHEIN. “Launching evoluSHEIN is one important step in our sustainability commitments this year, which touches on each of our key focus areas - protecting the environment, supporting communities, and empowering entrepreneurs. We invite all our partners and customers to join us in the journey.”

Founded in 2012 as an e-commerce retailer with the mission of making the beauty of fashion accessible to all, SHEIN’s strategic small-batch production and digital retail model have helped the brand avoid many of the environmental impacts associated with traditional retail stores footprints.

Over the last decade, SHEIN has advocated for a fashion revolution and developed tools to help suppliers with advanced technologies that support the planet. These collective efforts include turning traditional factories into agile supply chains with collaborative technology systems that drastically reduce inventory waste and help conserve natural resources in the production process.

Customers worldwide are invited to join the evoluSHEIN right now, just in time to experience the 6.6 Mid- Year Sale. The initial evoluSHEIN product line will feature women’s tops, dresses, and bottoms, with extended sizes dropping early this summer.

Even as the evoluSHEIN begins, the 6.6 Mid-Year Sale will undoubtedly grab your attention for the large discounts and variety of choices covered. Check in daily for more exclusive shopping vouchers and see what the 6.6 Mid-Year Sale has to offer. Download the SHEIN app or visit SHEIN’s website here to view the entire collection!

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