Home Business Silverlake Axis Ltd. Silverlake Axis Announces Appointment of Deputy CEO
Home Business Silverlake Axis Ltd. Silverlake Axis Announces Appointment of Deputy CEO

Silverlake Axis Announces Appointment of Deputy CEO

Singapore Exchange Mainboard-listed Silverlake Axis Ltd. (“SAL” or the “Group”) announced that Ms Goh Shiou Ling (“Ms Goh”) will be appointed as Deputy Chief Executive Officer, effective 01 May 2022.

Ms Goh
"On behalf of the Board, I would like to welcome Ms Goh to her new position and wish her every success in her new role,” said Mr Andrew Tan Teik Wei, Group Managing Director (“GMD”). Ms Goh has been on the SAL Board since 1st June 2015 and was designated as Executive Director in April 2018, with responsibility over strategic acquisitions and investments. During her tenure as Executive Director, she has restructured and led the Group’s Mergers and Acquisition function and enhanced value for the Group. She was appointed as a member of the Strategic Investment Committee in 2019 and appointed Chairman in 2020.

Ms Goh spent 12 years in the United States, graduated from Duke University with a Bachelor's Degree in Science and Mathematics (Dean's List) before returning to Malaysia and joining the Silverlake Group. Her early career began at Cornerstone Research, a leading US-based consulting firm that provides quantitative support and expert testimony in complex litigation and regulatory proceedings. At Cornerstone, she served as Economic Consultant and her research and analyses have been used in large litigation and class action lawsuits involving the U.S Futures Commodity Trading Commission, Securities Exchange Commission, and the Department of Justice.

As Deputy CEO, Ms Goh will support the GMD Mr Andrew Tan in the following key areas :
  • Provide leadership and have responsibility over the non-Banking business operations and initiatives.
  • Identify and leading new business initiatives that will be accretive and beneficial to the growth of our existing business franchise
  • She will also lead the implementation of internal initiatives to bring synergy from the businesses within the Group
  • She will continue to oversee the strategic investment committee for the Group.

Detailed announcements on the above, pursuant to Rule 704(7) of the SGX-ST Listing Manual, were released separately via the SGXNet on 29 April 2022.

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