Home Health Jamu Jamu Kraton Asli Kraton Jamu Kraton Asli - Herbal Drink from Natural Plants and Herbs Increasing Your Body Immune System
Home Health Jamu Jamu Kraton Asli Kraton Jamu Kraton Asli - Herbal Drink from Natural Plants and Herbs Increasing Your Body Immune System

Jamu Kraton Asli - Herbal Drink from Natural Plants and Herbs Increasing Your Body Immune System

Entropy Energy Sdn Bhd (Entropy), a locally incorporated Malaysia based company has embarked into an interesting business portfolio to revive Jamu drinking as daily supplements to all Malaysians. Jamu is essentially herbal drink made up from natural plants and herbs to increase our body immune system. While it’s rich in antioxidants, drinking Jamu could be challenging due to its bizarre taste with mixed of bitter and tanginess that discourages consumptions especially for young children.

Entropy has recently announced their intention to revive Jamu drinking tradition by altering the recipes to ensure good taste and suits people of various background, while retaining its nutritional benefits. The first product under the brand name Kraton will be launched by end-June 2022. This first Jamu product will be branded as Jamu Kraton Asli. The name Kraton was taken from the Javanese ancient history that refers to The Queens palace. It is here the best and most secret Jamu recipes were kept and only meant for the royal consumptions and their aristocrat friends.

Entropy is branding Kraton Jamu Asli as the “Mother Jamu” or also known as “The Origins” for which other variation of Kraton Jamu products shall be derived. For example, down the line in early 2023, Entropy shall launch special Jamu called “Tombo Ati” which is meant for cholesterol management. Tombo Ati is Javanese words for Heart Cleanser, which comprises of concoctions of “Mother Jamu (The Origins)” and a few other herbs that can significantly help to reduce cholesterol in the blood stream.

Jamu Kraton Asli is a specially blended herbal concoctions that comprise of turmeric, red ginger, black pepper, tamarind, sinom, honey, mango, palm nectar, acacia fiber and iodized salt. Turmeric, Red Ginger, Tamarind, and Black Pepper is the main components that are responsible to enhance our immune system since its rich in compounds like curcumin, gingerol, and piperine. These compounds are known in the medical world to be effective antioxidants since it has anti-inflammatory, anti-cancer, anti-coagulant, and wound healing properties.

Honey, mango, sinom, palm nectar, and iodized salt are used to neutralize the tanginess and bitterness of the main herbs. Each of these flavoring herbs also carries various medical benefits that supplement the main herbs. Acacia Fiber on the other hand is known as Water Soluble Fiber (WSF) that act as a natural stabilizer for the overall concoctions while it also assists in weight management by suppressing appetite. Acacia fiber is also a natural source of pre-biotic for our digestive system and it promotes better gut management.

Little is known about the role of iodized salt in this part of the world to our daily health. Entropy is utilizing only iodized salt in Jamu Kraton Asli recipe for reasons. Iodized salt is very important since our thyroid gland relies on iodine to increase the production of thyroid hormones, like triiodothyronine and thyroxine. These hormones are vital to our health, as they regulate blood pressure, body temperature, and heart rate. Proper bone and brain development in pregnancy and infancy are also dependent on these thyroid hormones. Lacking iodine in diet may also cause enlargement of thyroid gland, a condition known as goitre.

Jamu Kraton Asli tastes good that you hardly recognize it as herbal drink. It tastes more like juices but packed with powerful nutrients and vitamins. Entropy is now acquiring KKM (Ministry of Health) permit for Kraton Asli categorization under Food and Beverages. To instill public confidence on the effectiveness of its nutrients, Entropy took the initiative to have Kraton Asli tested by SIRIM (Standard and Industrial Research Institute of Malaysia) to verify its content as safe and contains antioxidants, anti-inflammatory, anti-aging, anti-coagulant, and others. The results of these tests will be shared in this website for public references.

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