Home Samsung Galaxy Technology The Galaxy A73 5G Takes Multi-faceted Singer-Songwriter on an Awesome Rhythmic Journey
Home Samsung Galaxy Technology The Galaxy A73 5G Takes Multi-faceted Singer-Songwriter on an Awesome Rhythmic Journey

The Galaxy A73 5G Takes Multi-faceted Singer-Songwriter on an Awesome Rhythmic Journey

The beat, bass, flow, and tempo of music elicit emotions and our deepest desires in a language and way of their own. It boosts creativity and has the power to flip our moods and make us live our lives in the present.

Samuel Lopez, or better known as ‘lost spaces’ in the local scene, is a melomaniac that describes music as an integral part of photographic narration – the mouth of unsaid thoughts. Samuel’s interest in music began at the young age of ten, when he would spill his thoughts onto paper with hopes to share them with the world. Since then, he found himself exploring his desires as a producer, as making music is all he thinks about!

Using the Galaxy A73 5G, which features jaw-dropping AI-powered cameras to impeccable durability and power, and vibrant displays, Samuel shares that his smartphone is a hub for him to actively connect with his audience and navigate his passion for making music. “The camera and audio recording of the phone is the biggest perk which helps with my passion,” he happily shares.

As a musician, Samuel performs at live gigs, and photographing live gigs can be challenging due to the low light, ever-changing stage lights and moving subjects. Fortunately, the AI-powered camera incorporates Optical Image Stabilisation (OIS), which significantly improves photo quality. The device can capture super-smooth films and blur-free photographs, which also aids night photography, allowing you to record moments more smoothly with finer details even in dim lighting.

“It was my first time performing in around 6 months, so it was nice to capture the crowd and my bandmates as we performed and did our thing on stage!” he exclaimed as he goes on to share his experience with the Galaxy A73 5G.

What’s more, as the atmosphere at gigs can sometimes get a little chaotic, Samuel doesn’t worry about the possibilities of damaging his phone. The Galaxy A73 5G uses Gorilla Glass 5 to reduce drop damage – making the device tougher and less prone to scratches! Even better, you can count on its IP67-rating[1] for dust and water-resistance, making the device more than durable for your everyday downtime strolls, anywhere and anytime!

Living the hustle and bustle musician life, a personal assistant is what Samuel needs. Thankfully, the Galaxy A73 5G comes with Bixby Routines – acting as a virtual assistant that learns your habits and anticipate your needs to make your hectic lives easier. “Bixby Routines definitely complements my life as an artist and producer! It helps me manage my life, allowing me to keep my days on track. Multitasking is also made easy, as it helps me answer calls or launch apps even when I am occupied with work,” he shared.

Additionally, Samuel can easily switch between multiple apps and get an immersive viewing experience on the device’s expansive 6.7-inch FHD+ Super AMOLED Plus display[2] that refreshes at 120Hz, along with a 6nm Octa-core processor – designed to improve user productivity while exploring possibilities to pursue their passions without limits.

As he relies on his smartphone to carry out his music magic, increased performance is necessary for Samuel to smoothly work without any disruptions. The Galaxy A73 5G is equipped with 16GB RAM (8GB physical RAM + 8GB virtual RAM)[3] and is generous with its internal storage of 256GB[4] – increasing his performance even when multitasking or under the demands of powerful apps and programs.

Even better, Samuel is able to stand out on music platforms as he transforms his Galaxy A73 5G into a powerful recording tool with Dolby Atmos, enriching each note with incredible detail and clarity. No matter what your needs are, as a music enthusiast, this is an option you want to take advantage of.

Samuel believes that with the right tools in hand, you can create and share your art and music with the world – and this is why you should bag yourself a Galaxy A73 5G!

The Galaxy A73 5G is available for purchase in any Samsung Experience Stores, Authorized Dealers and Samsung Malaysia Online Store. Until 31st July 2022, enjoy great savings when you trade-in your eligible device and receive additional rebate of up to RM150 added to the base trade-in-value[5]. Additionally, get 20% OFF Samsung Care+[6] Accidental & Liquid Breakage or Breakdown Plan for up to 2 years when you purchase the new Galaxy A73 5G. Lastly, with each purchase of the device, you can rest easy as you get to enjoy 6 months of OneDrive 100GB cloud storage for free[7] – keeping all your lyrics safe!

[1] Galaxy A73 5G is rated as IP67. Based on test conditions for submersion in up to 1 meter of freshwater for up to 30 minutes. Not advised for use in beaches, pools or soapy water. Safe against low water pressure only.
[2] Measured diagonally, the screen size is 6.7" in the full rectangle and 6.6" accounting for the rounded corners. Actual viewable area is less due to the rounded corners and the camera hole.
[3] 8GB RAM models will support up to 8GB of internal storage and 6GB RAM models will support up to 6GB of internal storage that can be used as virtual memory to improve app performance.
[4] RAM and internal memory capacity may vary by country. Actual storage availability may vary depending on pre-installed software.
[5] Terms and condition apply.
[6] Terms and condition apply: https://images.samsung.com/is/content/samsung/assets/my/offer/samsung-care-plus/Samsung-Care-Plus-TNC-consolidated-1-year-and-2-year-packages.pdf.
[7] Six month free trial of OneDrive 100GB cloud storage available for consumers who have purchased a Galaxy S22, S22+, S22 Ultra, A33, A53, and A73 only. Availability may vary. Google Play’s terms and conditions apply. Refer to https://www.microsoft.com/onedrive-samsung-offer for details. Offer not available to existing Microsoft 365 or OneDrive premium subscribers (including free trails) or former Microsoft 365 or OneDrive subscribers who cancelled their premium subscriptions in the last 90 days.

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