The Communications and Multimedia Forum of Malaysia (CFM) lauds the reminder by the Minister of Communications and Multimedia, Tan Sri Annuar Musa, that telcos should be more proactive in providing service in all areas and not pick or divide areas with poor coverage areas between them. CFM says that it together with members representing consumer associations around the nation, will play their role in the ongoing effort to improve telco services in the country by providing feedback and information so that the best solutions can be found.

CFM Chairman, Muhammad Radzillah said that it is the nature of consumers and consumer associations that they will always demand more. As consumers become more and more dependent on communications technology to conduct their daily affairs, be it social or professional, the need for better service will always be there. More service providers in their area will mean consumers can select a package that best suits their need and at affordable prices. Complaints and calls to actions should be viewed positively as feedback to further improve and refine the service being offered.

“Just because we complain or demand more does not mean we are not grateful for the efforts of the government and industry. However, if you allow us to be part of the process, perhaps we can end up with a much better outcome for all. Very often we hear that telcos do not go into certain areas because there is no demand. Don’t just depend on statistics and simulations to make that conclusion; ask us. We are ready to be your eyes and ears on the ground. Otherwise, we will lose out on the opportunity to enjoy these facilities if telcos have no interest in penetrating rural areas or alternatively, they lose out because they are offering what they consider to be an attractive package with good coverage when the consumers only require the minimum service.”

Muhammad Radzillah further explained that complaints should also be looked at positively by all parties. Complaints are a means of identifying what needs to be improved in a particular service or a problem area that can easily be rectified or confusion that can be clarified. He added that the complaints managed by CFM relating to matters under the General Consumer Code such as billing and charging, service delivery and unfair practice give a good indication of the types of practices consumers are not happy with and in some instances, emerging trends can also be identified. He said it would be a pity for this information not to be used towards improving the communications and multimedia ecosystem in the country.

“In line with the Prime Minister’s vision in building Keluarga Malaysia reminding us to be grateful, to respect each other and to work together. I truly believe that in this way, we can strengthen and improve the country’s telecommunications and multimedia service. Finally, I would like to take this opportunity to wish all Malaysians, Selamat Hari Malaysia.”