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Home Samsung Galaxy Technology Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4: Our First Impression ๐Ÿ’•

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4: Our First Impression ๐Ÿ’•

Technology advances year after year, particularly in the field of smartphone devices. Starting out as a device for calling and texting others, smartphones are now capable of much more, such as GPS, camera, internet browsing, and much more. As technology advances, so does its design and appearance.

The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4, unveiled on August 10, is the fordable successor to the Galaxy Z Flip3. At first glance, the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4 has a design and appearance that is nearly identical to the Galaxy Z Flip3. We at ZulYusmar.com were recently given the opportunity to test the new Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4.

The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4 was packaged in a simple yet stunning box, much like its predecessor. Please keep in mind that the packaging is environmentally friendly because it is made from recycled materials. A SIM card injector, a USB type C cable, and a manual are included.

With the naked eye, there is no discernible difference between the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4 and Flip3. However, there is a discernible difference when examined closely. The frame and edges have been made flatter. When you hold it, you can tell the difference; it's more ergonomic and comfortable in your hand.

Photos and videos can now be viewed on the Flip4 cover screen. So, there's no need to open the phone's fold to take photos. The Touchpad is one of the new features of the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4. When the screen is half folded, it displays the application at the top and a control area at the bottom, like a trackpad on a laptop. Wrapped in Gorilla Glass Victus+ and encased in an amor aluminium frame, the hinge has passed a 200,000-cycle durability test with flying colours.

When it came time to upgrade the Flip4 camera, Samsung did just that. The dual camera on the outside is still 12 megapixels in size, but it promises to produce high-quality night-time shots and steady videos. With a Snapdragon 8 Plus Gen 1 processor, 8GB of RAM, and 128GB, 256GB, or 512GB of storage, the Galaxy Z Flip4 is one of the powerful foldable phones in the market currently.

The design stays stunning in a variety of colours including Essential Graphite, Genderless Pink Gold, Bora Purple, and Contemporary Blue. We received the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4 in the Bora Purple colour variant for this review.

There are a number of differences that Samsung has implemented in this latest foldable smartphone, particularly when we look at its dimensions. Unfolded, the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4 measures 165.2 x 71.9 x 6.9 mm, making it "shorter" than the Galaxy Z Flip3, which measured 166 x 72.2 x 6.9 mm. When folded, the Samsung Z Flip4 measures 84.9 x 71.9 x 15.9 mm, making it slightly slimmer than the Samsung Z Flip3, which measures 86.4 x 72.2 x 15.9 mm.

The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4 feels more compact than the Galaxy Z Flip3 when held in the hand. Despite weighing 5 grammes more than its predecessor, this phone does feels lighter in our opinion (183 grammes vs 187 grams). The Galaxy Z Flip4's frame design, which is now more ergonomic and nearly flat, also contributes to the device's holding comfort. In earlier generations, the frame had a circular, or fully curved design.

The frame of the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4 is adorned with several holes and buttons. Speaker holes, microphones, and USB-C connectors are found at the bottom of the frame. At the top of the frame, there is only a microphone hole.

Then, on the right frame, there is a Bixby / power button that is integrated with the fingerprint scanner sensor (fingerprint). Then, on the right frame, there is a SIM card drawer that can be accessed by inserting the SIM ejector. Although it's possible to use two SIM cards, one must be an eSIM because the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4 only has a nano SIM card slot.

Although the crease line is still visible, it does not detract from the viewing experience.
Despite having slightly smaller dimensions than its predecessor, the main screen landscape of the Galaxy Z Flip4 stays the same as it’s predecessor, which is 6.7 inches with a 2X Foldable Dynamic AMOLED panel.

The device's main screen has a screen-to-body ratio of 85.4 percent, making the bezel around it appear thinner. The newest Ultra-Thin Glass panel on the screen is said to make the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4 stronger than its predecessor.

Overall, we think that the display on the Galaxy Z Flip4, which is punctuated by a cut out in the top middle to accommodate the 10 MP front-facing camera, is comfortable to look at when we are using the smartphone to do many tasks such replying email, watching videos or playing games.

The maximum brightness of Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4’s screen is up to 1,200 nits, making it suitable for use even in direct sunlight for viewing a variety of content.

Same as its earlier predecessor, we're not bothered by the fact that crease lines appear when using this phone. The crease can be seen when viewing the screen of the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4 from certain angles or when viewing content with bright colours like white. But once we get used to it, we won't notice this crease line and it won't be a problem.

Cover screen that is more functional
When folded, the 1.9-inch cover screen becomes a convenient way to check the time, the weather, the schedule, and other pertinent information. The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4, like the Galaxy Z Flip3, features a 1.9-inch Super AMOLED panel on the exterior as a secondary screen (cover screen).

The Gorilla Glass Victus+ glass protector that has been applied to this screen is said to make it more durable.

The cover screen, like the Samsung Z Flip3, can be used to take selfies with the rear camera and display important notifications. However, Samsung has included a number of new features on the Galaxy Z Flip4's cover screen. These include functions for responding to messages, making phone calls, activating Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, using Samsung Wallet, controlling smart home devices, and much more.

The cover screen can then be further customised with various personal background images (photos or videos), a more colourful clock design, and the ability to sync the display of the cover screen to the main screen and your Samsung Galaxy Watch.

Our brief use of the smartphone suggests that those who enjoy decorating their smartphone screens with vibrant colours or unique images to make them stand out from family members or other people will find that the cover screen on the Galaxy Z Flip4 to be extremely helpful and useful.

Next to the cover screen, there are two cameras, each with a 12 MP resolution, one of which is an ultrawide camera. Both are arranged vertically next to the cover screen.

Flex Mode
Even though FlexCam is brand new feature to the Flip4, Samsung has included a similar feature in the Flip3 as well. When the Z Flip3 was folded into an L-shape, the user interface would automatically adjust to accommodate the new form factor, a feature known as Flex Mode. When the phone is folded in half, the Camera app's shooting options, which are normally displayed in the upper half of the screen, move to the lower half for more convenient access.

The latest Galaxy Z Flip4 model's FlexCam features are activated when the device is folded at an angle of 75 115 degrees. The Z Flip4's "FlexCam" feature enables you to take photos and videos without using your hands. Taking advantage of the Flip's hinge design, this function enables users to prop up the camera on a variety of surfaces, allowing for the easy capture of selfies and group photos without the need to bother random bystanders.

The Flex Cam eliminates the need for a tripod when taking photographs or making videos. Then, Flex Cam now also works with the cameras on various well-known social media platforms like WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, and more.

Larger Battery Capacities
The dimensions of the hinge thickness have been reduced in the Galaxy Z Flip4 to accommodate a larger battery. The Galaxy Z Flip 4 has a larger 3,700 mAh battery than the Galaxy Z Flip3. Furthermore, the charging speed has increased to 25 watts from 15 watts.

We haven't had a chance to check the battery life just yet, however, Samsung claims that the battery life will be better thanks to the inclusion of Qualcomm's latest and most powerful chipset, the Snapdragon 8 Plus Gen 1. This chipset is also touted as being incredibly power efficient.

Stay tuned for our in-depth review as we will be using the brand-new Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4 as our primary smartphone in the coming weeks. If you're interested in purchasing a Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4 in the meantime, you can do so initially through this link.

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