Home Lifestyle Xiaomi Xiaomi supports education and creativity through technology in latest CSR initiative
Home Lifestyle Xiaomi Xiaomi supports education and creativity through technology in latest CSR initiative

Xiaomi supports education and creativity through technology in latest CSR initiative

Xiaomi partners with Suriana Welfare Society to lend a helping hand to local underprivileged communities in Malaysia

(From the back, left to right: Mr. Charles Lawrence, Operations Manager, Suriana Welfare Society; Ms. Kamsiah bt Mohamed, Community & Event Executive, Suriana Welfare Society; Ms. Sarah Sabri, PR Manager, Xiaomi Malaysia and Singapore; Mr. Tan Chee Kun, Regional PR Manager, Xiaomi Southeast Asia; Ms Noraisah bt Mohd Yusof, Head of Community, Suriana Welfare Society; Ms Rachel Ho, Executive Director at Suriana Welfare Society)

In the spirit of giving back, global technology leader, Xiaomi, recently held its corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiative in Malaysia. Partnering with Suriana Welfare Society (Suriana), a non-governmental organisation (NGO) that works to support and empower local communities, Xiaomi donated 400 back-to-school kits to children from underprivileged communities within the Klang Valley.

As a brand that prioritises its fans, customers, and local communities, the CSR initiative aims to support education and creativity through technology amongst children from underprivileged communities. In the efforts to help these children learn better and be well equipped for school, Xiaomi has included each kit with a Xiaomi backpack, a pack of Xiaomi Jumbo Gel Ink Pens and a Xiaomi LCD Writing Tablet – perfectly fitted for any school-related tasks and after-school hobbies.

Mr. Nicolas Shi, Country Manager of Xiaomi Malaysia and Singapore said, “This initiative is made possible with the love and support of our Xiaomi Fans and customers in Malaysia. We stand here today as a result of our customers’ continuous love and support and look to give back what we’ve received to the deserving local communities. We thank Suriana Welfare Society for their great efforts in helping these communities in need, and are grateful to be able to contribute to their work. We look forward to more opportunities to inspire the next generation of Malaysia to be creative and learn through technology.”

The CSR initiative was officiated by Xiaomi in Malaysia with the presence of 50 children from Desa Mentari, Selangor; Joint Management Body from Desa Mentari; representatives from Suriana; and representatives from Xiaomi in Malaysia. During the session, the team from Xiaomi in Malaysia, with the support from Suriana, interacted with the children in the local community through an after-school activity – where they held a fun and interactive drawing and craft activity with the Xiaomi LCD Writing Tablet. The remaining back-to-school kits will be distributed to children in other communities that Suriana oversees.

Suriana is committed to support and empower local communities to improve their living conditions, increase their standard of living, eradicate poverty and provide children with hope for the future. They strive to build a community free from exploitation and poverty, where children can grow and develop in a safe and secure environment, and where women and girls have their rights protected and upheld. Through various initiatives, including after-school learning activities, Suriana nurtures children and families from underprivileged backgrounds to ensure a brighter future for them.

Dr James Nayagam, the founder and chairman of Suriana Welfare Society said, “There is a dire need for child protection in Malaysia, we need to raise the national conscience level to protect our children from abuse. Our vision is for all children to grow up in a safe, stable, healthy and nurturing environment. It’s good to have global companies like Xiaomi seeing the importance of education and supporting our cause. With the contributions by Xiaomi, we hope that our children from these communities will be able to explore their creativity and learn better through technology.”

Suriana has been expanding its outreach to more communities in Selangor – including Balakong and Pulau Carey – in hopes to help the families and children from those communities through their programmes and initiatives.

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