Home AirAsia Travel AirAsia exempts face mask onboard
Home AirAsia Travel AirAsia exempts face mask onboard

AirAsia exempts face mask onboard

AirAsia Malaysia (AK) has exempted the use of face masks on its flights with immediate effect following the announcement by the Malaysian government that face masks are no longer mandatory on flights.

Passengers flying with AirAsia Malaysia (AK) are not required to wear face masks, unless they are going to or coming from a country that does.
Those passengers who are already on board and would like to keep wearing their masks while in flight can do so.

AirAsia will continue to adhere to the most stringent safety standards possible because passenger safety is their top priority. Airborne pathogens and dust are both effectively filtered out by the aircraft's high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filters. In order to maintain the highest possible air quality throughout your flight, the cabin air is refreshed completely every three minutes.

As they re-enter other markets, they will update their policies on passenger use of face masks.

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