Women-led hair salon COCOdry collaborates with leading direct to consumer lifestyle retailer, Oxwhite to raise RM15,900 for National Cancer Society of Malaysia (NCSM) in conjunction with Pink October month.

Through this collaboration, COCOdry produced a limited edition ladies’ lounge set design inspired by the brands’ association with a few breast cancer survivors while Oxwhite funded the production of 100 lounge sets.

The lounge sets are sold on COCOdry’s website and in both of their outlets, COCOdry Bangsar and COCOdry Publika.

All profits for the lounge set, retailing at RM159 will go to the National Cancer Society of Malaysia (NCSM). The funds will be channelled towards NCSM to support NCSM efforts in providing education, care and support services for people affected by cancer.

On the fundraiser, COCOdry founder Kim May Chee said that the campaign was inspired by the brand’s encounter with Hiba Abdul Rahman, a breast cancer survivor they met through NCSM.

“We were involved in their BEAUTY and Health Programme launch and had the privilege to get personal and build friendship with some of the survivors as they opened up and shared stories about how their lives have changed while battling the disease.

“Most of them struggled with losing their sense of normalcy, feeling alienated on most days, and not being able to feel like themselves in their own skin. Breast cancer not only affected their day-to-day routine - it also impacted their social circles and quality time with loved ones. Some of the survivors distanced from friendships and loved ones because it was difficult for both sides to talk about it. On top of that, treatments for breast cancer changed their body over time, and most of them felt like they lost connection with their femininity, as well as their overall confidence,” she added.

Kim said that in order to help breast cancer warriors regain their sense of normalcy, COCOdry will also be inviting them for a makeover and pamper session at COCOdry Bangsar on the 14th of October. Many of the survivors shared that the disease and the treatments have made their body change and they find it difficult to feel confident and comfortable in their own skin. This event aims to help them feel confident again and bring the survivors closer to one another to form a support group as they battle with the disease. During this event, COCOdry will also be providing a platform to spark more meaningful discussions with the survivors on how we can be supportive allies to women battling with the disease.

Meanwhile, Oxwhite founder CK Changr said that the brand to date has a community of 350,000 people of which 56% percent are women.

“Being a brand that is supported by women, we want to be an ally to the cause given that breast cancer affects one in 19 women,'' Changr added.