Home Samsung Galaxy Technology Take center stage with Galaxy Z Flip4
Home Samsung Galaxy Technology Take center stage with Galaxy Z Flip4

Take center stage with Galaxy Z Flip4

We all have the ability to view things from different perspectives. From iconic design to immersive entertainment, the Galaxy Z Flip4 was made to expand your world, to reflect your personality and unique way of life – it was created not only for communication but to inspire you to live more openly.

Read on below to see what some of the Perfect 10 KLFW 2022 models have to say about the Galaxy Z Flip4:

“It’s a super fun and chic phone that represents who I am. You’ll be surprised of the things I can do with this pocketable gadget!”
Vivy Vasu

“I listen to music in between shoots and during my commute to work and it has never been so easy. I use the cover screen to play music from Spotify and by just hitting the play button, the widget will automatically play the last song I was listening to.”
Fahd Fauzi

“Definitely scene-stealing with the Galaxy Z Flip4. I’ve got curious eyes on me whenever I experiment new angles to capture with FlexCam.”
Sadiq M Jalil

“The fact that I can fold my phone in half and put it in my pocket, gives my overall look a neat and minimalist look that characterizes me.”
Kris Lim

“Loving the unique colours from the Bespoke Edition. Combined with its head-turning foldable design, it’s worth showing it off to my friends!”
Asmara Nordin

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