Home Beam Lifestyle Beam Introduces Election Week Promos: Ride to Vote For A Better Malaysia!
Home Beam Lifestyle Beam Introduces Election Week Promos: Ride to Vote For A Better Malaysia!

Beam Introduces Election Week Promos: Ride to Vote For A Better Malaysia!

With the 15th General Elections around the corner, Beam is helping Malaysians perform their civic duty by offering discounts on their e-scooter rides across the Klang Valley. The promotion is happening from 14th to 20th November 2022, and Malaysians can easily hop on and off a Beam e-scooter to enjoy a 15% discount on all rides, and an extra RM1.50 off on top of that when ending trips at polling station parking spots.

As the #BeamToVote promotion lasts through to Sunday, 20th November, Malaysians will also be able to complete their first and last-mile journeys to and from public transit hubs around the Klang Valley, on their journeys to and from their constituencies.

“Voting is an important part of our democratic process, and it empowers the voices of us ordinary Malaysians. With higher turnouts expected in the 15th General Elections, Beam is doing our part in helping Klang Valley residents not only perform their civic duties on polling day, but also to help Malaysians working in the Klang Valley start and complete their journeys to public transport nodes on their journeys back home,” said Justin Tiew, General Manager of Beam Mobility Malaysia.

The global shared micromobility service operator remains committed to the cause of transforming the way Malaysians move around our cities. Beam’s shared e-scooters aim to fill in the gaps of first and last-mile connectivity with ease. Its compact size and accessibility helps Malaysians cover short-medium distances quickly and efficiently, without having to deal with traffic congestion, tolls or parking. Furthermore, Malaysians will be able to travel several kilometers within mere minutes on Beam e-scooters - effectively shrinking neighbourhoods and cities, and giving them access to public transit points, popular hotspots, and commercial areas. We’re doing our part to be kinder to the planet by providing an accessible electric vehicle form for Malaysians.

In a study conducted by Beam Mobility Malaysia, more than half of those surveyed had indicated that they would be willing to depend on public transportation if greater access to Beam e-scooters were provided for in key areas of the city. In addition, nearly two-thirds of surveyed Malaysians feel positive about the availability of e-scooters in their cities, with almost a quarter suggesting that they will consider selling their private vehicles if better access to Beams shared e-scooters were provided for.

Look for the closest Beam e-scooter near you by downloading the app via the Apple Store or Google Play Store.

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