Indulge in the all-new Truffle Osusume menu this November

Throughout the entire month of November, Nobu KL will premiere nine new osusume dishes centred around one of the culinary world’s most illustrious flavour characters, the truffle. From a selection of truffled-infused sushi to truffle mochi desserts, the establishment’s very own team of chefs have curated a promotional menu that will leave customers craving for more.

Truffle Mochi (Sweet Potato, Red Bean)

“It is an idea we have been brewing for quite some time now. There are many ways to work with truffle as an ingredient, which is how we were able to create such a special and diverse menu. It was a joy constructing it with my talented team of chefs. I believe the creativity and culinary prowess our team possess is second to none, which is why we are so excited to finally showcase this to our beloved customers. It’ll be an experience that cries out flavour and innovation; something new that I believe our customers will learn to truly appreciate,” said Chef Philip, Executive Chef of Nobu KL.

Newstyle Salmon Sashimi with Truffle

Pineapple Kakigori with Truffle Ice Cream

One of the most notable dishes on the menu is the Chargrill Wagyu with Wakame Truffle Miso. The silky-smooth Wakame Truffle Miso combines the nutty and musky taste of truffle with the salty and briny flavour of wakame to perfectly accompany the wagyu fat fondant potato and seasonal vegetables - a flavour profile that will leave palettes overflowing with different layers of mouth-watering umami goodness.

Chargrill Wagyu with Wakame Truffle Miso

“We enjoyed challenging ourselves to make great dishes from premium ingredients in Nobu’s signature style. This dish intensifies in depth with every bite, it combines umami flavours from land (truffle) and sea (wakame). By combining these ingredients, I hope our customers will have an enriched gastronomical experience,” said Sous Chef Lee Joon Hui of Nobu KL.

Brick Oven Roasted Cabbage with Truffle Tamari Soy

Chef de Partie Winson Ng Hou Wai of Nobu KL teased another hot dish, the Seared Chilean Seabass, Taro Espuma & Truffle Salsa. He said “it is an interpretation of my favourite traditional Chinese hot pot which typically uses fish head and yam. I put a modern twist on the same ingredient combination by using our signature Chilean Seabass and pairing it with Yam Espuma and Truffle Salsa.”

Yuba Mille-Fueille with Truffle Curd

The main dessert worth noting within the Osusume menu is the Pineapple Kakigori with Truffle Ice Cream; an unconventional dessert item that questions the flavour constructs of the truffle. What is normally used in savoury dishes, the chefs at Nobu KL have rolled out a sweet Truffle-based dessert that is another menu item not to be overlooked this November.

Seared Chilean Seabass, Taro Espuma and Truffle Salsa

Sharing inspiration behind the dessert menu, Nobu KL’s Pastry Demi Chef, Tan Paul Hwa explained “the Yuba Mille-Feuille is a dessert inspired by traditional French dessert using layered butter dough. In Nobu’s style, I incorporated Japanese flavours by using Yuba or soy bean curd which gives a nutty and earthy taste from the combination of chocolate, truffle and coffee.”

Tuna Yuzu Truffle Miso

As the Truffle Osusume menu will only be available at Nobu KL for the month of November, this is a fleeting moment within Malaysia’s vibrant culinary scene that’s truly not-to-be-missed. Guests are encouraged to make a reservation in advance to experience a treat at Nobu KL like never before!

Sushi Selection (Scallop, Uni, Hirame)

While Nobu's Truffle Osussume menu features Autumn Black Truffles, guests also have the option of adding on White Truffle as an upgrade, which is available a-la-carte at a seasonal price.

The menu is as follows:-
  • Cold
    • Tuna Yuzu Truffle Miso – RM230++
    • Newstyle Salmon Sashimi with Truffle – RM140++
    • Sushi Selection 3pcs (Scallop, Uni, Hirame) – RM160++
  • Hot
    • Brick Oven Roasted Cabbage with Truffle Tamari Soy – RM80++
    • Seared Chilean Seabass, Taro Espuma & Truffle Salsa – RM170++
    • Chargrill Wagyu with Wakame Truffle Miso – RM375++
  • Dessert
    • Yuba “Mille-Fueille” with Truffle Curd – RM55++
    • Pineapple Kakigori with Truffle Ice Cream – RM50++
    • Truffle Mochi (Sweet Potato, Red Bean) – RM45++

All prices are quoted in MYR and are subject to 10% Service Charge and 6% SST.

For enquiries and reservations, please call 03 – 2380 0028, Whatsapp 019 289 5085 or email