Home Samsung Galaxy Technology Be Inspired and Flex Different Angles with #TeamGalaxy
Home Samsung Galaxy Technology Be Inspired and Flex Different Angles with #TeamGalaxy

Be Inspired and Flex Different Angles with #TeamGalaxy

You will never be on your own to score that perfect selfie or wefie shot with the Galaxy Z Flip4. Equipped with an iconic form factor, this beautiful device can be positioned at different degrees to unlock a treasure of innovative features, this is a smartphone designed to deliver the most personalized experience. You can take unlimited aesthetically pleasing photos from various bold angles, whether it’s folded or unfolded.


0°: Pocketability at its finest
Do you remember the days when there was no front-facing camera for taking selfies and you had to turn your phone around to take them? Well now at 0°, all you need is to unlock the full potential of the Cover Screen. Without flipping the device open, take selfies with the cover screen by just double tapping and activate Quick Shot. Even the upgraded 12MP Rear Front Camera is more than enough for your pictures to look crisp by adjusting the portrait and wide-angle size, also what’s better than having to record video as well? When you're on-the-go and need a quick touch-up, the Cover Screen works as a mirror too – how convenient is that?!


75°: Nobody gets left behind
Ever wanted to take a group photo and always needing someone in the group to sacrifice themselves when capturing the perfect full shot? With Galaxy Z Flip4, nobody needs to be left out. Just place your device at the angle you want on a nearby surface and strike your poses – all together! FlexCam lets you trigger the camera by holding up your palm, all without needing to press a button on the camera itself. All that is needed is for your group to get stylish for that flattering, bold angles.


90°: Do more than just photography on your Galaxy Z Flip4
More users nowadays, especially the younger generation, enjoy creating short-form video content on Instagram and YouTube. With that in mind, you can transform your Galaxy Z Flip4 into a camcorder style to take vlogs using the high-quality video recording to shoot your content on-the-go. Furthermore, taking photos at a 90° angle allows you to capture whether using the front or back rear camera with ‘chef kiss’ quality because of the high-resolution camera and wide spectrum of angles. Check out how Nicole Chen @thenictionary uses the rear camera for a high-solution selfie.

115°: Own your angles
Own your angles by having full control in expressing your individuality with Galaxy Z Flip4. Give your favorite OOTD the best capture time, especially for the 'gram' when you angle it at 115 degrees with FlexCam. Owning the Galaxy Z Flip4 gives you limitless opportunities to try unique perspectives and take the best pictures. Placing your device on a flat surface and capturing shots at 115 degrees can provide you with distinctive full-body shots.

Here are some posing tips for your perfect OOTD:
  • Crouch with your knees close to the camera, or
  • Take a few steps back and find the position to show off your flawless outfit from head to toe, or
  • Side posing, chin up facing sideways where the light source at, and place your hand on top of your head.

Remember to leave extra headroom —that might give your photo a special touch!

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