Home Beauty Evolcare Swiss-formulated natural and clean skincare brand: EVOLCARE Detox The EVOLCARE Essence
Home Beauty Evolcare Swiss-formulated natural and clean skincare brand: EVOLCARE Detox The EVOLCARE Essence

Swiss-formulated natural and clean skincare brand: EVOLCARE Detox The EVOLCARE Essence

A Nobel Prize winning discovery in Biomedicine.

One drop to ignite the metabolism of skin cells, one stroke for five natural skin repairing and revitalising effects.

Anti-ageing, hydrating, rejuvenating, brightening, and soothing all at once.
The natural ageing process, coupled with elements like environmental pollution, stress, lack of rest and other internal and external factors can cause skin imbalance. This results in diminished vitality of skin cells, resulting in the slowing down of skin metabolism and accumulation of internal waste and toxins. Without ample care, premature ageing indicators such as dehydration, dullness, fragility, loss of elasticity, and wrinkles will quickly surface. To help ignite cell metabolism, EVOLCARE took inspiration from a discovery awarded the Nobel Prize in Biomedicine— Autophagy — and developed Detox The EVOLCARE Essence (Detox Black Tea Yeast Essence) to accelerate the cell detoxification mechanism from the base to illuminate skin cells. Naturally nourishing with an irresistible texture, it is the ultimate solution for anti-ageing, ideal moisture levels, and skin rejuvenation, imbuing the complexion with a bright and soothed effect all at once. ⁠⁠⁠⁠

Wisdom from the Nobel Prize in Biomedicine ─ Autophagy to Activate Cell Metabolism
Autophagy was discovered by the Japanese molecular and cell biologist Yoshinori Ohsumi, who won the Nobel Prize in Biomedicine in 2016. Autophagy is the human cell’s innate natural mechanism to track and remove the body’s internal waste. In this process, it provides energy and materials for cell renewal and opens the door to anti-ageing. Inspired by this, Detox The EVOLCARE Essence effectively promotes the body’s self-metabolism abilities through an exclusive formula, the EVOLCARE Complex (Candida, Kombucha and White Water Lily), to activate autophagy and efficiently remove waste and toxins. It jumpstarts the repair and metabolism functions of the skin, delaying ageing while restoring natural radiance, visibly effective whether used in the morning or evening, on all skin types.

Exclusively developed formula ─ an energy trio selected by EVOLCARE Complex
EVOLCARE is committed to maintaining the best balance for the skin, and has developed an exclusive formula - EVOLCARE Complex. The unique energy trio includes natural extracts of Candida, Kombucha and white water lily. By activating the cell's autogenic detoxification mechanism—autophagy—it achieves multiple efficacy, exerts powerful cell restoration and imbues skin with vital energy, making skin new and whole again. Furthermore, EVOLCARE Complex is glycation-resistant, preventing the loss of collagen and elastin to maintain a firm, soft and smooth skin texture. The complex also relieves and reduces discomfort caused by ultraviolet rays, estabilising the skin condition and preventing allergy reactions.

72-hour deep, long-lasting hydration ⁠to strengthen the skin barrier ⁠
Composed of high-efficiency moisturising ingredients, EVOLCARE Complex acts like a water-locking magnet, filled with the goodness of hyaluronic acid. Similar to the natural moisturising factor of the human body, it penetrates quickly, binding cells with keratin to prevent water loss for up to 72 hours, engulfing a deep and long-lasting moisture to reduce peeling and itching. With added hydration from hyaluronic acid, expect improved skin elasticity and diminished wrinkles. The additional ingredient of deep-sea red algae strengthens the skin barrier, while beta-carotene shields against blue light and pollutants.

Daily use of Detox The EVOLCARE Essence helps regenerate metabolism from the skin’s deepest layers. Experience improved cellular health, revitalised skin and rejuvenation.

Detox The EVOLCARE Essence MYR190 (1ml x 30pcs)
How to use: Squeeze the single serving amount of essence on your palm and apply it to the face and neck, pat the smeared area lightly to accelerate absorption. For best results, use with EVOLCARE toners and creams before and after, as a comprehensive skincare. It can also be used with BIO Repair Sheet Mask to deeply repair the skin.

EVOLCARE unique single-dose packaging design
Efficient | Fresh | Hygienic | Convenience
EVOLCARE is the first brand to use individual packaging for its entire line of products. Individual packaging ensures that each usage provides skin with the most efficient, fresh and hygienic ingredients, avoiding oxidation due to exposure to humidity and reduction of synthetic preservatives. At the same time, the independent packaging allows you to take care of your skin anytime and anywhere, which is convenient for urbanites who are out from day to night, working perfectly as simple skin care after exercise, moisturisation between work and date night, and portable for weekend staycations.

We understand the importance of environmental protection, and the inner packaging of all products have been gradually converted to recycled plastic and other environmentally friendly materials, reducing at least 50% of virgin plastic and 79% of carbon emissions.

All outer boxes are made of FSC™ certified paper, each from legally felled and sustainably managed plantations to ensure the conservation and protection of the forest. The outer box packaging can be 100% recyclable as long as you tear off the sealing tape!

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