Home Samsung Galaxy Technology Voices of Health Experts: Galaxy Watch5 Pro in an Orthopedic Specialist’s Arsenal to a Fit & Healthy Physique
Home Samsung Galaxy Technology Voices of Health Experts: Galaxy Watch5 Pro in an Orthopedic Specialist’s Arsenal to a Fit & Healthy Physique

Voices of Health Experts: Galaxy Watch5 Pro in an Orthopedic Specialist’s Arsenal to a Fit & Healthy Physique

Physiological and psychological aspects are two key points that health discussions in Malaysia should focus on, according to Dr. Koh Ka Ho, an orthopedic specialist with a burning passion for fitness.

As a fitness and health enthusiast, Dr. Koh believes that it is important for us to regularly monitor our health status so adjustments can be made for improvement, and recommends making the Samsung Health app and Galaxy Watch5 Pro a part of our health tracking arsenal as he has. When it comes to assessing the impact of your fitness, nutritional, or lifestyle changes, your body composition is one of the most valuable indicators of your overall health. By routinely measuring the percentages of fat, bone, muscle and water in your body, you can assess your progress, spot unwanted changes, and set attainable time-bound goals to get positive health changes.

“The Galaxy Watch5 Pro is my ultimate health and exercise companion. Its advanced BioActive Sensor[1] is capable of measuring my body composition from skeletal muscle mass to body fat percentage and body water, which has greatly assisted me in keeping track of my fitness progress and the modifications of my diet and training regime. I can now do it daily, or anytime, anywhere I want, at the tip of my fingers! ” he shared enthusiastically.

Galaxy Watch5 Pro is equipped with Samsung’s unique BioActive Sensor that drives a new era of digital health monitoring[2]. Using a single unique chip that combines powerful health sensors — Optical Heart Rate and Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis — to deliver extensive readings that include body composition, heart rate, blood oxygen levels and even stress levels that help users set tailored health goals.

A good workout routine in general has to be consistent, well-spaced and allow time for muscle recovery and gain. Dr. Koh stands by this concept and maintains a strict training regime which often keeps him on his toes. One of his go-to training techniques to boost his cardio performance is to incorporate interval trainings into to his running and weightlifting exercises. After working up a sweat, the Galaxy Watch5 Pro will provide Dr. Koh with his real-time recovery analysis – heart rate recovery, sweat loss[3], and blood oxygenation – so he can assess his endurance levels, limits and stamina. On top of that, the Galaxy Watch5 Pro will offer personalised water consumption recommendations based on the recovery data to keep him hydrated.

Dr. Koh is also very amazed with Samsung Health’s Advanced Running Metrics’ ability to offer estimates of insightful running performance data like asymmetry of left and right leg, regularity, vertical stiffness, ground contact time, flight time, and vertical oscillation, without any additional sensors.

Diet is another crucial component of Dr. Koh’s fitness regime. He emphasizes that a well-balanced diet is not just good for one’s overall health, but that the road to fitness involves 70% nutrition and 30% exercise. Using the food intake tracker, the Galaxy Watch5 Pro and Samsung Health app assist him to keep a low calorie diet, and pump up the protein and fibre any time he veers off course. “Low sugar, low carbs, high protein, high fibers and staying hydrated,” is his mantra to help others achieve their body composition goals.

A huge fan of fashion, Dr. Koh was highly impressed at the Galaxy Watch5 Pro’s sleek and stylish design with its unique and distinctive colours. An iconic circle frame is used to complement every look, while all-new neutral colours allow the watch to stand out from the crowd. “The magnetic clasp makes it so versatile to put on or take off and the strap is extremely comfortable that you wouldn’t mind wearing it to sleep,” he exclaimed.

Fitness journey feels more rewarding when you get to witness your growth tallying with proven numbers. So, start monitoring your health and fitness today with Samsung Health!

Dr. Koh added that he has three more recommendations to help people stay healthy – that is to set goals, stay committed and monitor their progress. You can accomplish all of these and more with the support of the Galaxy Watch5 Pro. So, get one of yours right now!

[1] Intended for general wellness and fitness purposes only. Not intended for use in detection, diagnosis, treatment, monitoring or management of any medical condition or disease. Any health-related information accessed through the device and/or application should not be treated as medical advice. Users should seek any medical advice from a physician. Do not measure your body composition if you have an implanted pacemaker or other implanted medical devices. Do not measure your body composition if you are pregnant. Measurement results may not be accurate if you are under 20 years
[2] Refer to Footnote 1
[3] To measure, select ‘Running’ on your watch and run at least 5km/h for at least 2.5km. Only for use with outdoor running.

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