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Home Coway Lifestyle A Soothing Massage A Day Keeps The Stress At Bay

A Soothing Massage A Day Keeps The Stress At Bay

Coway unveils its first-ever massage chair designed to revitalise users

Unveiling its first-ever massage chair, Coway, the Best Life Solution Company is all set to help customers de-stress and unwind. This revolutionary massage chair was designed with much thought to helping users loosen stiff muscles and transition into a good night’s sleep to wake up refreshed from top to toe the next morning.

Nothing beats coming home to a little pampering and relaxation after a hectic workday, especially after battling horrible traffic congestion on the road. The thought of putting your feet up and loosening those tight muscles just sounds like heaven, doesn’t it?

Being a renowned leader in the home wellness sector and as a company that is always on a mission to promote a healthier lifestyle, the all-new Coway Massage Chair fits perfectly into its existing range of health and wellness products, designed to change quality of lives for the better. This massage chair is yet another innovation by Coway to show that relaxing and de-stressing is not a luxury but a component of our overall relaxation.

“At Coway, we understand the stresses everyday Malaysians face and it is always almost impossible to find time to pamper yourselves with a relaxing massage, especially after a long day. With our first-of-its-kind massage chair, you can now come home to a relaxing massage from head to toe in the comfort and convenience of your own home. Making it easily accessible and a convenient way to fit in regular massage sessions into our busy lives to help us relieve body aches, feel relaxed and revitalised to take on the day. We hope that this massage chair will be able to help give our customers a re-energised and better, healthier lifestyle,” said Kyle Choi, Managing Director of Coway Malaysia.

Featuring a greater coverage of rollers and airbags from the neck all the way down to the feet, this massage chair promises to literally revitalise users from head to toe and not just stop at the lower back. To massage all the way to the feet, this chair has been ergonomically designed to fit a 130cm track to cover massage zones from the neck down and is one of the longest tracks in the market.

Coway is the first to incorporate a track this long that rolls all the way to the calves and feet, to soothe sore calf muscles after a long day of standing, sitting, walking or driving. It also comes with extra rollers for a deeper body massage experience and extra airbags for a good calf massage.

Aside from this unique quality, the massage chair also promises to leave users in a blissful state of mind with its state-of-the-art quiet massage feature. Say goodbye to disruptive and loud whirring sounds or squeaks while being massaged. Instead, be enveloped by peaceful silence with Coway’s sound-dampening design that reaches a limit of only 46.5 decibels. Put on some of your favourite relaxing tunes and just dive into your relaxing moment with the Coway Massage Chair.

In addition to these one-of-its-kind features, this massage chair is also space-saving and can fit even the smallest of corners of up to a 5cm gap between the wall and the back of the chair for it to completely recline. This zero-wall gap feature was cleverly designed with space constraints in mind so that even those who have limited space in their bedrooms or living rooms can still unwind with this massage chair.

As with Coway’s emphasis on health and hygiene, this massage chair also comes with Coway’s 7-Step Massage Chair Care Service that includes changing and polishing leather covers, cleaning and sterilisation. This complimentary service will be carried out every four months for seven years. With this service in place, users can relax with ease knowing that their massage chair is clean and under tip-top care. Paired with Coway’s easy payment plan, now everyone can enjoy a massage a day to keep those stresses of life at bay.

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