Home airasia Republic Travel BIGGIE Wonderland - Driving loyalty with Gamification with airasia rewards
Home airasia Republic Travel BIGGIE Wonderland - Driving loyalty with Gamification with airasia rewards

BIGGIE Wonderland - Driving loyalty with Gamification with airasia rewards

As part of airasia Super App’s Community pillar, or airasia Republic, which consists of features such as airasia chat, RedGames, and airasia gifts, are ready for you to connect, play and share with your friends or community members.

Be part of this community by having fun with us and showing your top-notch gaming skill when you enter the BIGGIE Wonderland by airasia rewards. - and it gives you FREE airasia points every day!

Wondering what is BIGGIE Wonderland all about? Let’s get to know more about this exciting game!

For those unfamiliar, this gamification programme was launched in 2020. It was inspired by the creation of airasia’s own “BIGGIE” mascot, a points expert who provides members with tips on maximizing the value of airasia points.

With the launch of airasia Republic, airasia Super App has also introduced brand new characters that will accompany BIGGIE called airasia buds, consisting of Tappy the Tapir and Bam the pygmy Elephant, and Ogu the fabulous Orangutan.

To date, we already have over 17 million total gameplay and more than 84 million airasia points issued to users.

BIGGIE Wonderland consists of three mini-games, and players will be rewarded with FREE airasia points daily by collecting points for every play* in these mini-games. It is as simple as that!

“The SUPER Shake”
To collect the airasia points, players must shake their phones to collect coins.

“SUPER Points Catcher”
Another way to collect coins is by grabbing a coin using the claw machine and earning free airasia points.

“SUPER Explorer”
Earn airasia points by feeding our BIGGIE.

As we are in the digital age, this program's diverse gamification element helps boost and bring loyalty programmes into a fully digital experience. It has been a vision from our CEO of Capital A himself, Tony Fernandes, to set up our own airasia community and engagement platform where airasia brings the whole of Asean closer together, enabling the community to share information, engage and build meaningful connections, share creativity and learn from each other.

BIGGIE Wonderland not only provides benefits to our members, but it also encourages active users and engagement, which benefits the airasia Super App. It enables users to earn points and encourages more transactions or point redemptions across the platform, such as purchasing your flight ticket or booking a hotel room for your next staycation, among other things.

Additionally, it helps us, in airasia rewards, to drive loyalty by facilitating real-time customer insights and personalisation. We will use all the data collected from each interaction to improve our back-end systems integrations and optimise members’ participation. It also increased the involvement and frequency of members interacting with the brand through the game, eventually building an emotional attachment with us by maintaining the stickiness among members and the ecosystem of the businesses.

What are you waiting for? Let the journey begin in the BIGGIE Wonderland by following these simple steps and earn airasia points today!

Not only that, there are over 40 games available for the users to test their gaming skills, including airasia’s first original mobile game T.A.G. Polis Sentri. Go check ‘em out now!

*Limit to one play per day.

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