Home Epson Technology Epson introduces the SurePress L-4733AW Digital Label Press with improved Aqueous Ink technology for outstanding quality labels
Home Epson Technology Epson introduces the SurePress L-4733AW Digital Label Press with improved Aqueous Ink technology for outstanding quality labels

Epson introduces the SurePress L-4733AW Digital Label Press with improved Aqueous Ink technology for outstanding quality labels

Epson, global technology provider behind leading digital inkjet label presses in the market, announced an addition to its water-based inkjet digital label press line-up with the SurePress L-4733AW. Providing enhanced product features and advanced ink technology, the SurePress L-4733AW is designed to meet the needs of businesses dealing with variable data printing and short run job requirements.

Superior Print Quality
The SurePress L-4733AW offers the new and improved, market-leading inks which provide an extensive colour gamut including white, green, and orange inks that cover over 80% of official Pantone® colours. For uninterrupted operation, the printer features dual ink cartridges per colour with auto-switching capabilities. Businesses can also select between black or uncoated black inks to tailor the right density of black in labels, for quality label output that ticks off the boxes for high shine and brilliant vibrancy.

The SurePress L-4733AW also comes with Variable Sized Droplet technology through Epson’s MicroPiezo printhead, whereby a precise dot formation and placement feature will help to control the volume of ink in each droplet. Businesses can look forward to printing labels at a high resolution of up to 1440 dpi and end-to-end colour consistency. Coupled with an in-built spot colour matching function and ICC profile creation, it allows businesses to print consistent and aesthetically pleasing labels. The SurePress L-4733AW also offers an edge smoothing setting to smooth out jagged lines in low resolution images, allowing smooth gradations and fine skin tone reproduction in printed labels.

Not to mention, the two-stage drying process ensures optimal ink adhesion, with the addition of a carriage fan and a heater fan to achieve improved productivity and smudge resistance. Since the printhead does not come into contact with the substrate, businesses are ensured of print accuracy and consistent print outs from start to finish – optimising superior performance on uneven surfaces and textured substrates with market-proven inkjet technology.

Exceptional Versatility and Enhanced Productivity
With 3 additional printing modes for film substrates compared to its predecessor L-4533AW, the SurePress L-4733AW provides vast improvements to print speed to achieve utility at its finest. The 4-pass option is capable of printing 5 metres per minute, 6-pass option at 3.6 metres per minute and both 4-pass white and 6-pass colour modes at 1.5 metres per minute.

The SurePress L-4733AW is designed to allow users to readily switch between different width jobs by being able to print on a myriad of substrates, of around 80-to-320-micron substrates of various sizes. . Alongside the adjustable temperature feature in the Post Heater of the SurePress L-4733AW, business needs are met with heat sensitive substrates embedded within label output.

Digitised Colour Management
Businesses can also choose the optional inline spectrometer, the SureSpectro AS-4000 to realise highly precise, vivid colour matching. Going digital with colour management ensures accurate colour reproduction, colour comparison and colour value measurement – particularly useful for designers and businesses in the printing and art industries, whereby highly precise colour matching on printouts are key.

The benefits of digitisation go beyond precision and reliability. Making the switch from the time-intensive process of colour matching via an analogue workflow mitigates lengthy processes of multiple visual checks and data adjustments. With the SureSpectro AS-4000, this allows businesses to save valuable time and manpower on printing workflow with accelerated spot colour matching and a user-friendly colour management system.

Meeting Corporate Sustainability Needs
The impetus for corporate sustainability and responsible consumption is keenly felt by enterprises across all industry verticals today. Designed to meet your sustainability needs, Epson’s water-based inks utilised in the SurePress L-4733AW will not emit harmful volatile organic compounds (VOC), a harmful by-product usually accumulated in the production process. The Aqueous Inks used also complies with the industrial regulatory requirements set by the European FCM regulation, an important business consideration for indoor applications across retail, hospitality, and corporate segments.

Additionally, the seamless switching process featured in the SurePress L-4733AW not only provides user convenience, but also minimises substrate waste as compared to other printers in the market category.

Reliable and Simplified Operations
The SurePress L-4733AW comes with many user-friendly features. A notable difference is that operators do not require complex training nor specialised certification for maintenance, with fewer printer parts for minimal downtime. Introducing a new user replaceable Wiper Pad that functions as a consumable to improve print head cleaning, this provides ease of use and improved efficiency. The L-4733AW also includes a removable flushing bar to provide hassle-free maintenance without interfering with press operation. Furthermore, empty ink cartridges can be replaced while the press is running, alongside other enhancements such as a sitting board for comfort during maintenance operations.

To minimise printer interference, Epson has built in several features including a foreign object sensor, a curl suppressor to mitigate potential printhead damage and a blower for ventilation and prevention of heat accumulation. This helps businesses protect their hardware investment and achieve long-term durability with their SurePress L-4733AW.

“The L-4733AW is jam-packed with brand new features, improving on previous iterations of our best-selling inkjet digital label press. Based on feedback from customers across various industry verticals including beauty & cosmetics, FMCG and health supplement markets, we constructed the L-4733AW to provide clear functional differences, tangible business benefits and remarkable reliability. Overall, the L-4733AW offers a cost-effective turnkey solution that features versatile substrate support, delivering output with accurate spot colours and gradients required for top-notch quality prime labels and packaging.” said Ng Ngee Khiang, Managing Director of Epson Malaysia.

The new Epson SurePress L-4733AW Digital Label Press Printers will be available for sale in the region starting February 2023. Visit https://epson.com.my/ or contact Image Junction Sdn Bhd, the appointed distributor of Epson SurePress range.

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