Home Samsung Electronics Technology Discover Unconventional Use Of Latest Samsung Smart Screens And How It Benefits You
Home Samsung Electronics Technology Discover Unconventional Use Of Latest Samsung Smart Screens And How It Benefits You

Discover Unconventional Use Of Latest Samsung Smart Screens And How It Benefits You

How the Next-Generation Smart Hub Enrich Every Entertainment Option

Enhanced Smart Hub: Everything in One Place
The all-new Smart Hub brings every aspect of the smart TV experience into one, easy-to-navigate screen. Powered by Tizen, the new interface classifies all features and content into two convenient tabs for more intuitive use.

Within the screen’s content section, your content and entertainment are intelligently organized into two, easy-to-comprehend tabs: Media and Ambient on Samsung TVs and Smart Monitors.

Get Smarter With Your Entertainment Options
Inside the Media tab, you’ll instantly see all your entertainment options — organized in one place where you can enjoy all your favorite OTT services when looking to relax with a TV show or a movie, including YouTube and more.

As you use your Smart TV or Monitor over time, Smart Hub’s intelligent interface learns from your viewing patterns and preferences across your favorite platforms and services. After learning your preferences, it serves you with smart recommendations which makes choosing a new show to wind down your evening,easier than ever.[1]

Samsung understands that the ultimate gaming experiences aren’t just about ease-of-use: gamers need screens that offer top-of-the-line specifications for the most immersive experiences possible. This is why the lineup comes with specifications and features designed to take your gaming to the next level. These include HDMI 2.1 ports,[2] Motion Xcelerator Turbo Pro 4K 144Hz gaming, Super Ultrawide GameView and Game Bar for fast-paced and streamlined gaming featuring the latest in picture quality technology and setting configurability.

With your Samsung Neo QLED 8K or Smart Monitor[3], you are able to enjoy your favorite game, no matter how fast-paced or action-packed it may be, with reduced latency and incredible picture quality and resolution.

Manage Your Home Like Never Before on Samsung Screen With an Intuitive Home IoT Hub

SmartThings, Opening Up an Era of the Smart Home Previously Only Dreamed of
As the devices we use at home have become more diverse, so, too, have the methods necessary to connect them. From Cloud to Cloud (C2C) connectivity, wireless (WiFi) connections and the Zigbee method, a variety of different systems available for us to control our homes have emerged — a diversity that resulted in it taking a while for Internet-of-Things (IoT) to be cohesively applied within the home.

Previously, you would need a separate device, or hub, to act as a connecting bridge for these devices, ultimately affecting accessibility. Therefore, in order to help mitigate this inconvenience, Samsung, for the very first time, has integrated a built-in SmartThings Hub directly into the screen lineup, providing reduced latency and total control for more immediate smart home control experiences.

The Samsung Home IoT Hub — your SmartThings hub — is now built directly into your TV or Smart monitor, making it possible to easily connect, monitor and control all the connected devices in your house, all without a separate hub device.[4] This advancement is the first step towards Samsung’s fully-realized home IoT ecosystem.[5]

This innovative SmartThings Hub is not only compatible with hundreds of millions of devices, but has been further expanded thanks to the introduction of an all-new interoperability standard. As the premier technology enabling connected living and driving the future of IoT, SmartThings recently announced the addition of a new smart home interoperability standard named Matter,[6] which has been developed by Apple, Google, Amazon and others and allows for users to control Matter-enabled devices using their Samsung products.

With these innovative advancements in your SmartThings home control system, you are set to enjoy the utmost convenience with your screen — like never before.
Anywhere, Anytime and as You Wish With the SmartThings Hub
Thanks to the fully-integrated SmartThings Hub, your screen is a central hub from which you can conveniently control the smart devices you have around your home.

To make the smart home experience more enhanced than ever before, Samsung made sure to develop SmartThings Hub to be the most streamlined platform it could be for ultimate user convenience. Along with the greater screen real estate available on your screen for monitoring, making the process easier on the eyes, SmartThings Hub features an intuitive Map View interface that not only shows all your devices and their current status, but also where they are located in your home.

Map View: Locate IoT Devices in Your Home at a Glance
When you launch your TV or Smart Monitor for the first time, ‘rooms’ can be created automatically for you based on the location of your connected devices through SmartThings, and this will be displayed on-screen for you in Map View. If you want to further customize the layout of your devices, you can use your remote control to change the location of the device within the interface to match your actual room layout, and if you have the SmartThings mobile app, you can easily add rooms or change its location using Touch & Drag. You can even change room shapes to be polygons, if desired.

Say you’re settling down to relax in the living room with a good film after a long day, but suddenly realize you’re not sure if the lights are on or off in the garage, simply pull up SmartThings Hub’s Map View on your smart TV or monitor. Now, you can check and manage the status of your smart devices and then click back into your film for a truly hassle-free end to your night.

Voice Control: Manage All Your Devices With a Single Word
As well as streamlining the smart home management experiences that SmartThings brings to users, you can also enjoy smart experiences that may have previously seemed impossible with SmartThings on your Samsung screen.

For example, the Always-On Voice Control capability provides you with next-level connectivity and control over your devices, no matter what you are doing and whether your screen is on or off. Thanks to Bixby, Samsung’s AI voice assistant, you can verbally switch your lights on or off or control a connected device, even while in the middle of a movie, just by saying ‘Hi Bixby’ to your screen.

With such convenience-first capabilities, the future of the truly connected smart home, something that Samsung has been working diligently towards, is getting closer and closer each day.

The Hub of Smart Home Life: Your Smart Screen
Although smart homes have been around for quite some time, the process of building a smart home ecosystem that allows all kinds of IoT devices to interoperate is still underway. Samsung intends to develop a smart home that is optimized for your in-home activities and that lets anyone easily build their own connected home, making it easy to harness the power of IoT for device control anywhere in the house — using just your screen.

The first step of this next-generation smart home ecosystem has been taken with the Samsung screen lineup. With your Neo QLED 8K or Smart Monitor M8, you can now enjoy easy and convenient control of all your smart home devices directly on-screen thanks to the all-new SmartThings Hub.

Curate Your Aesthetic and Get on Track With Your Health

Match Your Smart Screen to Your Lifestyle
Samsung’s screen lineup, from the revolutionary Neo QLED 8K to the company’s Lifestyle TVs, have not only always provided intuitive ways for users to enjoy their favorite content, but also innovative ways for user to express their own aesthetic and personalize their wellness journeys.

For example, Ambient Mode, first introduced on the 2018 QLED 8K, redefined the parameters within which users can use their TV, as it allows them to transform their screen into something beautiful even when the TV is not watched.

With the devices introduced in the Samsung screen lineup, this legacy of lifestyle management has been taken to the next level, as the new screens now provide exciting ways for users to do more, smarter.

Enhance Your Aesthetic — Using Just Your TV
The second option available on your screen’s intuitive Smart Hub interface, Ambient, lets you enhance the aesthetic of the space your TV is placed in. Whether you are synchronizing your screen’s display with its surrounding décor or making a bold statement with a choice piece of eye-catching art, Ambient lets you elevate your TV to become more than just a screen — transforming it into a true décor piece.

With just your smartphone and SmartThings, you can take a photo of the area around your TV which Ambient will then intelligently replicate on-screen so as to blend the screen into your room with chameleon-level camouflage abilities.

For those times when you want to make more of a statement with your screen, you can opt instead to browse the extensive selection of world-class art pieces available on the platform to either show off your style or simply add a splash of color to your room.

What’s more, thanks to an exciting partnership with industry-leading NFT platform Nifty Gateway, users can, for the first time, harness Ambient as a one-stop NFT platform to explore and display all kinds of NFT digital artworks[7] on their QLEDs — an all-new way for you to collect and present artwork in the home.

Check Off Every Fitness Goal You Set
The Neo QLED 8K TV is a handy companion for crushing at-home workouts. Aside from movie, gaming, and workspace optimisation, the television introduces a series of features that can help bring out a person’s best self, right from the living room.

Watch what’s on your TV and mobile on the same screen at the same time, whether it is live statistics for sports or workout video guides. You can even connect your TV with Samsung SlimFit Cam to view yourself on the screen and make sure your form is in tip-top shape. Bring the gym home to you and unlock new ways to keep fit.

Spoil yourself or your loved ones this Raya by upgrading your home entertainment and receive complimentary 43’’ The Frame worth RM4,999 when you purchase an 85" QN900B, 65’’ QN800B Neo QLED 8K Smart TV or 85’’ The Frame. Making this deal sweeter, customers will also earn up to RM2,000 worth of Touch ‘n Go e-Wallet credit.

[1] Service availability may vary by region.
[2] Specification of ports may vary by product.
[3] Models that support the SmartThings Hub include: QN900B/QN800B/QN700B/QN95B/S95B/QN90B/QN85B/Q80B/Q70B/Q60B/BU8/The Serif/The Frame/The Sero/Smart Monitor (M50B and above) released in 2022.
[4] Make sure to log in to the same Samsung account on your TV or monitor and your mobile SmartThings app.
[5] To use products with Zigbee protocol, you must purchase a SmartThings Dongle (VG-STDB10A) separately.
[6] Samsung also joined over 200 global companies in support of MATTER, a new standard for simplifying smart homes.
[7] NFT service availability may vary by country or region.

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