Home Lifestyle Spectaclex Eyewear Shopping In A Whole New Light: Spectaclex Launches Malaysia’s First AI-Powered Virtual Try-On Glasses App
Home Lifestyle Spectaclex Eyewear Shopping In A Whole New Light: Spectaclex Launches Malaysia’s First AI-Powered Virtual Try-On Glasses App

Eyewear Shopping In A Whole New Light: Spectaclex Launches Malaysia’s First AI-Powered Virtual Try-On Glasses App

Delivers personalised design suggestions, consultations, and eye assessments using augmented reality and artificial intelligence

A full house of crowd at VISIONX - Spectaclex’s VTO app launch event

Homegrown glasses brand Spectaclex has launched Malaysia’s very first Virtual Try On (VTO) mobile app for eyewear. Transforming the way Malaysians shop for glasses, the app uses artificial intelligence (AI) and augmented reality (AR) to deliver a personalised and immersive shopping experience for the growing local base of digital-first shoppers.

Living up to its name, the app allows users to virtually try on Spectaclex’s wide range of glasses directly from their smartphones. With a single front-facing photo of the user’s face, the AI-powered software will conduct a detailed facial analysis and personalised product recommendations based on the user’s face shape and skin tone.

[L-R]- Vincent Ng, CTO of Spectaclex and Daniel Lim, Founder of Spectaclex

Designed for optimal convenience, the process of selecting, customising, and purchasing glasses can be completed within the app itself. Users will also be consulted in a simple lifestyle assessment to identify their eye power levels, electronics usage, and even driving habits. To ensure the final product is crafted to perfectly suit its wearer, the SpecX Journey rounds off with a professional eye examination and lens consultation in store, as well as detailed care and customisation instructions.

Commenting on the inspiration behind the app, Daniel Lim, Founder of Spectaclex, shares: “We recognise that buying glasses can be a troublesome process — having to physically go to a store to try on different frames, and then still having to wait for your glasses to be made! This VTO app retains the best parts of that entire experience with none of the hassle, even intelligently giving users a headstart with designs that best fit their faces. We believe this is a game-changer for eyewear shopping: a personalised, intelligent, and seamless shopping experience all from the comfort of their own homes.”

Spectaclex’s revolutionary VTO app made its public debut at the brand’s 2nd anniversary celebration on 25 March 2023 at The Raw Studio by Metal Bees. At the event, nearly 30 members of the media and key micro-influencers were among the first to experience the app’s algorithm-powered shopping journey.

Spectaclex new line of stylish sunglasses

On top of introducing their VTO app, Spectaclex has also unveiled their brand-new line of customisable and fashionable sunglasses which will be available both in stores and in-app.

“Beyond being versatile and protecting the eye against our glaring Malaysian sun, this new collection brings customers along for the ride in creating their ideal pair of sunglasses. Customers can freely select and customise the colour of their lenses, with even two-tone and three-tone colours available on their spectrum of choice,” adds Lim.

The launch event was sponsored by Kodak, a global leader in the photography and eyewear industry, as part of Spectaclex’s initiatives to actively collaborate with leading brands in the optical market. Spectaclex’s partnership with Kodak aims to advance the current technologies used for eye protection.

In line with this, Kodak’s innovative City Lens — lenses specially designed to protect the eyes from harmful light sources and improve night vision — was featured at the event as well. Attendees were among the early birds to try out the lenses, which reduce light glares for maximum comfort even through long hours on the road or night drives.

With cutting-edge technology underpinning each of their products, Spectaclex is committed to staying ahead of the curve and continually strives to provide consumers with the most innovative and exciting eyewear options — now all accessible virtually on their VTO app. The brand also intends to strengthen and expand its regional and international distribution network through both online and offline platforms, with Malaysia as one of its key hubs with 40 outlets across the country by 2025.

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