Home Lifestyle M.KA Cabinet Concepts M.KA Cabinet Introduces Customisable and Eco-Friendly Cabinets to Improve Indoor Living Spaces
Home Lifestyle M.KA Cabinet Concepts M.KA Cabinet Introduces Customisable and Eco-Friendly Cabinets to Improve Indoor Living Spaces

M.KA Cabinet Introduces Customisable and Eco-Friendly Cabinets to Improve Indoor Living Spaces

  • Cabinetry expert that’s embracing holistic living with eco-board cabinets free from hidden indoor pollutants
  • Actively engaging in CSR projects as an endeavour to give back to the environment, including recent efforts with Animal Projects & Environmental Education (APE)

With an increased focus on climate and environmental protection, sustainable options for home interiors are rising in popularity. This, coupled with the added factor of growing health concerns after living through two years of the Covid-19 pandemic, have many of the general public seeking interior design solutions which are both sustainable and health-centric. M.KA Cabinet Concepts is stepping up to offer just that.

Homegrown specialists in providing holistic and modern cabinetry solutions for living and work spaces, M.KA emphasises the importance of healthier living with eco-friendly furniture for the betterment of health and living spaces. One way this is achieved is through the use of low-formaldehyde materials in their product designs in a bid to mitigate the adverse effects of prolonged exposure to said chemical. As one of the most common chemical components in various furniture and household goods, exposure to this volatile organic compound can cause asthma attacks, irritation of the eyes, and breathing difficulties. It can also induce severely detrimental effects on human health in the long run.

Healthier Cabinetry Alternatives for Malaysians

In a bid to offer healthier alternatives for Malaysians, M.KA advocates for the use of low-formaldehyde materials in their cabinets. M.KA cabinets and furniture are also produced in a sustainable and quality fashion by using top-quality Healthy EcoBoard Low Formaldehyde. The use of this material re-emphasises M.KA’s dedication to providing consumers access to healthier, more sustainable cabinet options for their interiors throughout their homes.

“Quite a few of our customers have mentioned suffering from allergic reactions – without realising until much later that it was the formaldehyde used in their furniture which had set them off. Formaldehyde doesn’t just affect our air quality – continuous exposure to it can even trigger allergic reactions like contact dermatitis. I suffered from a severe reaction as well, which is why I even switched careers from being in the beauty industry to cabinetry as I wanted to make sure that our homes remain our safe spaces throughout, instead of allergy traps,” shares Samantha Lau, Co-Founder of M.KA Cabinet Concepts.

Full House Customisation
Besides their expertise in cabinetry, M.KA also takes a holistic approach to providing the full range of cabinetry customisation and expert consultation services to customers. Utilising the principles of feng shui and a clear flow of positive energy, or chi, the placement of cabinets throughout customer homes is arranged in such a way as to maximise the holistic benefits, while also offering clients uniquely stylish storage solutions that are practical and efficient.

“I feel that having a well-organised storage space honestly has such a big impact on our physical and mental well-being – after all, cabinets form the bulk of a home's interior, so it’s important to consider all factors, from the aesthetic aspect of it, to utilising the storage space in the best way possible,” said Samantha. “We take a holistic approach at M.KA, so we do our best to arrange and ensure a clear flow of chi using feng shui principles to realise our customers' dream home.”

These customisations also factor in the personal tastes of the respective homeowners, as well as overall functionality, offering clients an organised space which is fashionable, functional, and feng-shui friendly.

Having been around since 2014, M.KA has been continuously dedicating its craft to homeowners and encouraging healthier living with greener and quality cabinets. M.KA also has several major achievements under their metaphorical belt, winning multiple awards for their innovative designs – including the Asia Honesty Enterprise Award in 2019. The brand also champions practices that ensure a greener future for all, having worked together with APE Malaysia in 2022 to advocate for a healthier environment for future generations.

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