Home Samsung Galaxy Technology Pwn these photo trends with the Galaxy A series
Home Samsung Galaxy Technology Pwn these photo trends with the Galaxy A series

Pwn these photo trends with the Galaxy A series

Photography is more than just a skill or a hobby. It’s art! Every photographer brings their own perspective and personality to a picture. Two photographers can take a picture of the same thing and get two completely different results. The question is, what do you want to create? Art or bleh?

With the Galaxy A series, dive into a world of impactful mobile camera innovations without breaking the bank. Pwn these photo trends with the Galaxy A series phone.

Nightlife and neon lights

A visual aesthetic that is taking over Instagram is night mode photography, along with neon lights. Think Blade Runner and Cyberpunk vibes. Don’t worry about fuzziness in low lighting as the Galaxy A series’ improved Night mode makes every photo and video pop, lessens noise, and automatically adjusts video frame rate for clear and vibrant videos. The AI-enhanced camera experience is designed for moments of learning, creating and exploring. OIS and VDIS technology stabilises your camera for sharp and steady shots every time.

Perfect timing pictures
When the universe aligns so precisely, you can capture a perfectly timed photo that’s worth a million bucks. Borrowing features from the Galaxy flagship series, Single Take lets you snap multiple pictures and videos at a moment’s notice with just one tap of a button. With the help of AI, you can run, jump, get creative with the way you capture content, and your pictures and videos will always come out looking fantastic as Single Take helps you choose the best ones. You might just end up with some of the coolest perfect timing pictures that will break the internet.

Smiles, smize & selfies


Then of course there’s selfies and wefies we all love. With a range of front cameras up to 32MP[1], you can proudly post up your flawless selfies on the Gram. All that’s left is for you to do is practice your smiles and smize. The Fun mode, which has new Snapchat Lenses[2] updated regularly, lets you inject humour into your shots with playful filters. Go ape!

Go Pro
Even if you’re not most talented photographer, you can create masterpieces with the Pro or Pro Video modes on your Galaxy A series. Play around with ISO settings, speed, exposure value, focus, and white balance to develop the exact photo or video styles you want. It’s really all about the theme or vision you have in mind. These days, you don’t need to lug around a DSLR and all kinds of equipment anymore. Consolidate your life with smartphone photography, which gives you’re an accessible, affordable, convenient way to experiment.

Motion pictures
Add comedy to your videos with Slow Motion mode, which plays back 8 times slower than normal videos, or the Super Slow-Mo mode, which plays back 32 times slower than normal. If you’re planning a surprise party, record the birthday boy or girl walking into the room with these modes for a memorable home movie. Or try out the Hyperlapse mode, which is a technique in time-lapse videography that’s speeds things up. 10x is good for recording traffic streaming by, 15x for clouds moving across the sky, 30x crowds of people walking by, and 60x for sunrises and sunsets.

Throwback takes
Sharing our baby pictures and old family photos on Instagram are all the rage now. There’s something about sepia that makes us nostalgic, plus we’re curious to see how our friends or favourite influencer looked like way back when. Use Photo Remaster to breathe new life into old or low-quality images. All you need to do is open the photo in Gallery, tap on the vertical ellipsis, and select Remaster Picture. You can also tap on Object eraser to remove any background distractions and photobombs to perfect your favourite shots.

[1] 32MP front cameras on the Galaxy A53 and Galaxy A73
[2] SNAPCHAT is a trademark of SNAP INC. Filters from Snapchat Lenses may vary by country or region. Snapchat Lenses seen on this image are simulated for illustrative purposes. Actual UI may vary depending on the software version on your device.

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