Home Beauty Skin Master Medi-Spa Ready, Set and Glow This March with Skin Master Medi-Spa Deals in Conjunction with International Women’s Day To Celebrate and Embrace Equity
Home Beauty Skin Master Medi-Spa Ready, Set and Glow This March with Skin Master Medi-Spa Deals in Conjunction with International Women’s Day To Celebrate and Embrace Equity

Ready, Set and Glow This March with Skin Master Medi-Spa Deals in Conjunction with International Women’s Day To Celebrate and Embrace Equity

In celebration of International Women's Day, multiple award winning skin specialist, Skin Master Medi-Spa is delighted to offer fantastic discounts for the whole month of March to celebrate women everywhere. On offer are a variety of medifacial treatments and other services to choose from for this wholesome month. Skin Master Medi-Spa intends to provide customers with the finest possible skin care services utilizing the latest in innovative laser and aesthetic technologies.

Skin Master gives every woman the opportunity to achieve their most gorgeous glow. Skin Master’s products are created with dermatological-grade ingredients to enhance the vitality and radiance of youthful skin. Balancing the science of youthful skin with technological innovation required to preserve it for years to come. Skin Master helps young women maintain the beauty of their skin while addressing concerns specific to them, including sensitivity, dryness, dullness, and the very first signs of aging. Also, Skin Master Medi-Spa stands alone as an effective and modern skincare line that focuses primarily on skin preservation and is specially formulated for youthful skin.

A total of 13 medifacial services and 12 other supplementary services ranging from skin care, hair care to weight loss management are provided by the experts at Skin Mater Medi-Spa. These are a few top recommended services that one should experience this month in conjunction with International Women’s Day.

Carbon Peel + Oxygen Infusion Combo Facial

An innovation that treats the skin at a deeper level to produce improved anti-aging outcomes is the 3-in-1 facial. It has been the crowd’s favorite since 2017 as it fixes the damage of one’s skin from the past. This service is best known to rejuvenate, oxygenate, and exfoliate and is recommended to those who have combination skin.

Dermaplaning + Hydrafacial

These two treatments are top-notch and work wonders together. Dermaplaning and hydrafacial are two facial rejuvenation procedures that work together to effectively eliminate most skin issues.

Signature Facial

This mix of laser, skin-tightening, and oxygen infusion procedures helps improve its effectiveness. This service is known to be a genie in a bottle by fulfilling one’s wish to uplift, tighten and enlighten their skin.

Body Sculpting
Founder and director of Skin Master Medi-Spa, Dr. Ravinpreet created Skin Master Body Sculpting 3-Step Therapy that consists of cavitation, radio frequency and vacuum-therapy for all body type issues, including cellulite, skin tightening, fat reduction, inch loss, and muscle tightening as she believes that not every treatment is created equal, and not every treatment is suitable for every problem.

Diode Laser Hair Reduction

At Skin Master, experts safely treat all skin types and hair colors by using a real laser, such as a 810nm diode with FDA approval of such treatment on all skin types. Diode laser hair removal is the procedure that has been shown to be the safest, quickest, and most efficient for patients of every skin tone/hair color combination, despite any skin tone/hair color combination on an individual.

The Effective Men’s Facial that fits in during lunch break - Hydrocarbon Facial ( A combination of Carbon Peel Laser & Hydrafacial)

One of the most well-liked skin treatments for guys is the hydrafacial. Deep cleansing, exfoliation (lifting dead skin cells), extractions (clearing out pores), and soothing hydration are all steps in the three-step procedure. It is considered a “one-stop-shopping” treatment since it addresses so many issues. Adding on Carbon Laser, sometimes known as carbon peel, is an innovative laser treatment that is absolutely painless and promises a minimal to zero downtime. People with oily skin, blackheads, enlarged pores, dull skin, and acne problems can greatly benefit from this treatment.

HIFU face
HIFU for V shape, Jawline,Double Chin,and Face Contouring Treatment at Skin Master . This is a non surgical face lift and the outcome gives an immediate visible transformation. Adding to it there will be an improvement that one can notice within two to four weeks.

EMS - Sculpt
EMS- SCULPT is the world's first treatment which helps customers to build muscle and sculpt their bodies, non-invasively. It can also be used for an entirely non-invasive buttock-toning treatment. Muscles shape the body, and EMS- SCULPT may speed up the fitness journeys of your patients and help them reach their body goals.

Fat Freezing
Fat freezing technology targets and reduces fat cells in problem areas of the body and tightens the skin - with no surgery and no down time. It’s time to freeze the fat away, lose weight and love the skin one is in.

The founder and director of Skin Master, Dr. Wishnu and Dr. Ravinpreet Kaur, quoted, "We are delighted to offer treatments to both men and women, but just for this month we are giving great promo deals for all ladies in conjunction with International Women’s Day. Our major goal is to enable individuals to have healthier skin without having to wear a lot of makeup". Dr. Wishnu and Dr. Ravinpreet, focus on bringing the best in skin treatment for each individual. Skin Master Medi-Spa have won a number of awards, including Aesthetic Medi spa of the Year in Asia Pacific 2020 by Global Health Awards, Top 10 Of Malaysia, Best Facial Centers in KL & Selangor 2022 and Best Ultherapy Clinics in Malaysia.

On this International Women’s Day, new customers at Skin Master Medi-Spa Q Sentral and Johor Bahru outlets would receive a 20% discount on all treatments subject to terms and conditions that apply, and this deal is also extended to clients who refer a friend.

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