Home Fashion SHEIN A Fashionable Celebration with SHEIN’s Raya Collection
Home Fashion SHEIN A Fashionable Celebration with SHEIN’s Raya Collection

A Fashionable Celebration with SHEIN’s Raya Collection

  • Elevate Your Raya Festivities with SHEIN’s Wide Range of Modest and Exciting Outfits

Get ready to celebrate Raya in style with SHEIN. The global fashion and lifestyle e-retailer is committed to celebrating togetherness while inspiring Malaysians to explore and express their stylish side this festive season, with a plethora of styles and designs, befitting the occasion.

As Malaysian Muslims prepare to embrace the festive mood of Raya, SHEIN is excited to launch their Raya campaign, ‘Get Raya Ready with your friends and family at SHEIN’ to give shoppers an unforgettable experience. Leading into this meaningful yet joyous of new beginnings, SHEIN is spreading the love, joy, and spirit of togetherness with family and friends - typical hallmarks of the Raya season.

“It is amazing that SHEIN offers many gorgeous choices of outfits, leaving me spoilt for choice with the freedom to pick out pieces that I love to easily mix and match. Pairing outerwear with inner wear can sometimes get boring. Now, being able to just select different pieces on SHEIN allows me to restyle my outfit selections and create a new festive look! The options are truly amazing,” said Kilafairy, Malaysian Actress and Singer.

To allow as many Malaysians as possible to experience its Raya campaign, SHEIN is offering Malaysians great discounts of up to 90% from 4th April to 10th April 2023, with free delivery on all orders made from 1st April to 4th April 2023.

SHEIN believes that everyone should have access to fashionable clothing to reflect the times, and what better way to celebrate this than the upcoming Raya season. For many, it has been a cherished and meaningful occasion to don new clothes on the first day of Raya. In this regard, shoppers will find an alluring selection of stylish yet affordable options.

Malaysians can find their unique style with SHEIN's modest Raya collection of attractive, trendy, and good quality designs and styles - with an array of styles and designs to suit just about any personality. With SHEIN, customers can mix and match their Raya outfit to elevate their look, whether celebrating with family and friends or simply joining in the festivities. What’s more, these trends will last well beyond the Raya season, with styles that can’t go wrong.

In recent times, the international brand is about empowering individuals to find their own distinct fashion identity, individuality and creativity through fashion. This year’s Raya collection reflects this ethos with a vibrant and diverse range of modest outfits that embraces the rich Malaysian culture. From stunning designs to relaxed, feminine silhouettes, SHEIN has something to complement any wardrobe.

At SHEIN, fashion is more than just clothing - it is the perfect way to express each and every one’s unique personality and can be a powerful tool for fostering a connection with others. SHEIN celebrates the diversity and inclusivity within the community - providing the latest fashion trends and styles that represent the essence of the festive occasion - where fashion meets culture and community.

SHEIN is also a lifestyle destination that caters to all other needs. In addition to the impressive fashion collection, SHEIN also offers a perfectly curated selection of home and living, beauty and skincare essentials to enhance the festivity. Malaysians can find everything they need to spruce up their home to make it more functional and beautiful, and spice up their Raya look with the latest skincare and makeup trends.

So this Raya season, let SHEIN be your one-stop shop for all your celebration needs to make this season one to remember - from fashion to home decor, kitchen essentials, beauty and skincare products, and more. SHEIN boasts an extensive range of products that Malaysians can shop for from the comfort of their own home to make Raya preparations effortless and convenient.

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