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Home Samsung Galaxy Technology The Creative Generation Rises

The Creative Generation Rises

Get ready to witness the rise of a new generation of creative visionaries! Samsung Malaysia has brought together an extraordinary team of 15 Malaysian creatives to bring their stories to life with the Galaxy S23 Ultra. From digital content creators to fashion designers, these individuals are known for their uncanny ability to express themselves in ways that are inspiring. Armed with the latest Galaxy S23 Ultra, they are set to lead the charge into a future that celebrates originality, imagination, and optimism.

Follow these 15 #TeamGalaxy individuals for a thrilling ride as they highlight their exceptional talent and take us on an artistic exploration. They include Nabila Razali (@nabila.razali), Alex Ho (@alex_hkf), Arinna Erin (@arinna.erin), Jamine Suraya (@jasmine_suraya), Daiyan Trisha (@daiyantrisha), ShuSen (@wshusen), Sean Lee (@seanlje), Chan Yong (@changyonggggg), Sharifah Rose (@sharifahrose_), Yaya Zahir (@yayazahir), Syamimia (@syamimia_), Zana Aziz (@zanaziz_), Erysha Emyra (@eryshaemyra), Zachary Yeoh (@zacharyyeoh), Caedon Yong (@caedonyeong).

To name a few, see below:

Capturing Life's Authenticity with Nabila Razali (@nabila.razali)
Acclaimed singer, actor and budding novelist Nabila Razali, has brought many memorable characters to life on TV shows and films in her rapidly growing career. What many people may not know however is that she builds these authentic performances on a deep understanding of what motivates people – a talent she is now displaying perfectly with her new passion for portraiture. With the Galaxy S23 Ultra's 200MP Adaptive Pixel sensor and its advanced Super HDR selfie camera, Nabila can effortlessly capture striking and detailed portraits (even of herself) that convey genuine stories of life as it is experienced - encompassing themes of love, despair, happiness, and optimism, among others.

Capturing Creativity on Demand with Alex Ho (@alex_hkf)

When inspiration hits, it hits hard and Galaxy S23 Ultra can capture magic at a moment’s notice. The device's highly efficient NPU architecture and optimized GPU work together to balance performance and power, while the AI algorithm helps users like dancer, Alex Ho take epic photos and videos. With trillions of calculations per second, the Galaxy S23 series is designed to provide top-of-the-line photo and video capabilities, even in the most challenging lighting conditions. Whether you're a content creator, or just looking to capture your daily adventures, the Galaxy S23 series is capable of keeping up with your active lifestyle. With a 41% faster performance compared to the Galaxy S22 series, this device is for power users who demand superior technology to keep up with your creativity.

Capturing Brilliance with Arinna Erin (@arinna.erin)
Arinna Erin's passion for photography is evident in the awesome images she creates using the Galaxy S23 Ultra's Portrait Mode and Nightography capabilities. The Galaxy S23 Ultra helps her try different settings in the best possible light. With the Portrait Mode, the camera's depth-sensing technology allows her to create outstanding, high-quality images that highlight every intricate detail, making her images stand out. Additionally, Arinna loves experimenting with low-light settings and the Nightography capabilities on the Galaxy S23 Ultra allows Arinna to capture striking images even in dimly lit environments, bringing out new elements of her subjects that might not have been apparent in regular lighting.

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