Home Samsung Electronics Technology Kumpul Bersama and Lepak with Your Loved Ones
Home Samsung Electronics Technology Kumpul Bersama and Lepak with Your Loved Ones

Kumpul Bersama and Lepak with Your Loved Ones

The Hari Raya festivities may already be winding down and you’re probably already back at your desk at work, alone, and feeling just a little bit blue. But if you’ve got Samsung’s Neo QLED 8K TV in your life, you can continue to live a colourful life, painted in every shade of love, laughter, and everlasting connections. In addition to giving your friends, family and loved ones unending opportunities to ‘Kumpul Bersama and Lepak’ over incomparable, high-quality entertainment, the Neo QLED 8K also provides you with the means of truly living smart by managing your home environment and comfort through one device.

Seeing is believing
Entertainment is brought to new heights of pleasure and excitement with 8K screens, whether you’re streaming web content, rewatching your favourite TV shows, movies and 8K YouTube videos or having a friendly competition with each other over the latest games. With the Neo QLED 8K, you won’t just be a witness to what’s unfolding on the screen – its powerful display promises to send all of the action right into your TV room, leaving you and your loved ones breathless with an unimaginable array of detail, colour and sound. And the Neo QLED 8K isn’t just a one trick pony either – action scenes will get your adrenaline pumping, romance will send your heart aflutter, jokes will keep you giggling long after the punchline is delivered, and horror scenes will keep you hidden under the blankets even with all the lights on. Now THAT’S what entertainment should feel like.

One TV to rule them all
Managing your home has never been easier thanks to the SmartThings feature which brings all electronic devices together through one device. Let SmartThings share insights on your connected devices, help with your house chores and enhance your living experiences, both in and outside your home. There’s no more having to mind the air conditioner or adjust the lighting, turn on the air filter or dash in and out of the kitchen to reheat festive delicacies when you can just manage it all through your Neo QLED 8K. In fact, once the party is over and you’re preparing to wind down for the rest of the evening, you can even instruct your washing machine to run the laundry and get the vacuum cleaner to pick up after you. With SmartThings and your Neo QLED 8K, living smart is a guarantee.

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