Home Beauty STEMEY STEMEY Launches Dr Sys Plant Stem Cell Hair Care For Malaysians
Home Beauty STEMEY STEMEY Launches Dr Sys Plant Stem Cell Hair Care For Malaysians

STEMEY Launches Dr Sys Plant Stem Cell Hair Care For Malaysians

Malaysian-found Korean direct selling company expects 50% increase in revenue with new plant stem cell product offerings in 2023

Following a successful growth in its first year of operations, STEMEY, a locally-owned direct selling company launched its second line of product, yesterday, Dr Sys Hair Care that uses revolutionary patented plant stem cell technology.

L to R: Mr. Eom (STEMEY Korea CEO), Mr. Edmund Chuah (STEMEY Global CEO), Ms. Erica Park (STEMEY Global Top Leader), Tuan Hj. Ahmad Khairuddin (Pegawai Khas YB Dato' Seri Dr. Wan Azizah Wan Ismail), Mr. Brian Kim (STEMEY Chief Technology Officer)

Targeting the industry value to increase to RM30 billion in 2028, direct selling industry is one of the biggest contributors to Malaysia’s gross domestic product (GDP). With the direct selling industry growing rapidly, STEMEY, which began operations in 2021 with only one debut product line, has been benefitted over 5,000 Malaysians via its product and as a source of income for some. The company generated a revenue of RM11 million in its first 12 months of operations.

Mr. Edmund Chuah is positive
with the company’s growth
and will continue to
make innovative technology
accessible to everyone.
With the launch of Dr Sys Hair Care range, Edmund Chuah, co-founder of STEMEY and CEO of STEMEY Malaysia. said that the company expects to see a revenue of RM18 million and growth of members by 50% in 2023.

Present in Malaysia, Korea, Australia, Singapore, Taiwan and Japan, STEMEY reported a global revenue of USD15 million in 2022 and currently has over 15,000 members. STEMEY expects its total number of global members to reach 30,000 targeting a revenue of USD30 million in 2023.

Chuah shared that STEMEY’s fast success stems from the company’s vision of building a successful networking business through authentic relationships. “By offering a proven product made affordable and accessible to consumers through R&D innovation and the direct sales business model, we have instilled confidence in our members and customers that they will benefit from STEMEY in terms of wellness and as a source of income.”

STEMEY’s products are non-invasive, safe and suitable for everyone. It uses a patented 4 core technologies which are plant stem cell extracts, Lactobacillus Exosomes, Osmocell and Peptides to achieve reverse aging results to revitalize your hair and skin. It’s extensive R&D and cost-effective technology, coupled with the direct sales model, defies the common belief that plant stem cell technology is an expensive luxury.

The newly launched STEMEY’s hair care range aims to help user achieve clinical results at home with its patented technology.

Malaysians can now look forward achieving clinical aesthetic results by treating themselves to plant stem cell hair wellness at home with STEMEY’s new line of Dr Sys Reset Cream Shampoo, Dr Sys Hair Treatment, and Dr Sys Hair Serum.

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