Home Samsung Galaxy Technology Enabling Future-resilient Healthcare Across Southeast Asia & Oceania
Home Samsung Galaxy Technology Enabling Future-resilient Healthcare Across Southeast Asia & Oceania

Enabling Future-resilient Healthcare Across Southeast Asia & Oceania

The past few years has stretched global health systems to their limits, with hospitals hard-pressed to meet demand, in terms of manpower resources as well as healthcare infrastructure.

Ian Chong, Regional Director & Head of B2B Mobile Experience, Southeast Asia & Oceania, Samsung Electronics, said: “The modernization of global health systems will be critical in our response to future global health crises. Many governments and healthcare providers recognize the urgency for healthcare system innovations, geared towards building resilience and preparation for future crises, as well as to create greater accessibility and support for segments such as aging populations, or care for noncommunicable diseases.”

“Indeed, digital health technologies have played a huge role in sharing timely health information or providing telehealth services to improve early screening, diagnosis and treatment especially when many were confined to their homes.”

As governments and healthcare sectors ramp up their efforts to transform healthcare, both technology and innovation will be imperative in their strategies to allow current and future healthcare professionals to be more productive, collaborative, and people centric.

Working with healthcare partners globally, Samsung is committed to helping healthcare providers keep pace with evolving demands, with flexible solutions, and field-ready, customizable devices and services.

This is how Samsung is transforming healthcare with its partners with patient-first solutions.

In hospitals
Patient information is often locked in laptops and desktop PCs and not where healthcare professionals need them the most – when they are with their patients. With Samsung’s field-ready ruggedized devices such as the Galaxy XCover6 Pro or Galaxy Tab Active4 Pro, healthcare professionals can enjoy continued access to pertinent patient information on-the-go, and even annotate[1] health charts or medical imaging when speaking with patients.

Digital healthcare technologies also enable better patient experiences. Smart hospital rooms allow patients to conveniently tap into information and services using familiar Samsung Galaxy tablets, without the need to call for help. This also helps to reduce non-critical duties for healthcare workers.

In Mount Sinai Hospital[2], some 450 rooms were equipped with Samsung Galaxy tablets for patients to view their medical records, lab results, daily schedules, medication information and more. These bedside tablets also enabled patients to share information with their loved ones. After 2 years of deployment, the New York-based hospital has improved its Hospital Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems Survey scores and even decreased re-admissions.

Read this infographic on 5 ways smart hospital rooms can improve the patient experience.

For clinics
For healthcare professionals in clinics, digitalization can enable smoother scheduling and efficient patient throughput, with mobile devices and third-party monitoring solutions helping to ease patient care bottlenecks.

One of the most exciting developments during the pandemic has been the mass adoption of telehealth. Partnering with Samsung, a local health department in SEAO paired a Galaxy device with a digital thermometer and oximeter to monitor COVID-19 positive patients with mild symptoms. This allowed them to recover from home while being cared for by healthcare professionals remotely. The solution was scaled up, with thousands of units being deployed, reducing the stress point for healthcare providers from hospitals to clinics in the local area.

For paramedics
Working with partners, Samsung’s healthcare solutions help put ambulance and emergency teams in the right place at the right time where they can communicate with hospitals to better prepare patients for hospital treatment upon arrival.

For example, first-responders can be equipped with mobile tele-ultrasound equipment combined with connected ruggedized Samsung Galaxy devices to help healthcare professionals get information and prepare for treatment before the patient arrives in the hospital. This saves precious time during medical emergencies, where every second could mean the difference between life and death.

In the community
The convergence of mobile devices and ubiquity of data through wireless broadband has brought new possibilities for community care across the world.

For instance, BaptistCare New South Wales[3] in Australia partnered with Samsung to roll out Galaxy devices for its healthcare workers in the field to provide better community care to a vast network of aged care, home services, retirement living and social support services in the region.

More recently, Samsung has also collaborated with Bottneuro AG[4], a Swiss MedTech startup, to provide an innovative and enhanced digital diagnostic treatment solution for Alzheimer’s disease patients through the Samsung Galaxy Tab S8+ Enterprise Edition.

Ultimately, digital healthcare is only possible if it can be trusted. Health data stays safe with Samsung Knox, the industry-standard security platform[5] built into all Samsung Galaxy devices. This advanced multi-layer security, embedded in both the hardware and software, protects medical data and sensitive patient information with its end-to-end protection. Wi-Fi network encryption also secures voice and video calls for off-site or distance care.

Together with world-class technology partners, Samsung is committed to partnering with healthcare organizations in the region to strengthen their infrastructure and capabilities through technology, and improve holistic patient care.

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