Together, the two iconic brands collaborated to introduce 3 unique and playful designs with positive messages to remind consumers to stay hydrated and help revitalize body and mind.

evian®, the bottled natural spring water straight from the French Alps, unveiled an exciting, exclusive collaboration with beloved brand Peanuts on a new snoopy-themed limited-edition designs. The evian & snoopy exclusive limited-edition 2023 features 3 unique and playful designs with positive messages from evian and snoopy.

The coming together of two iconic brands will add a zest of happiness and life while revitalizing the body and mind with evian’s naturally pure water. Encouraging its consumers to live life to the fullest, the 3 evian x snoopy designs come with a QR code that allows consumers to create their own unique Peanuts-inspired digital avatar to share with family and friends. Consumers can have fun customizing their own Peanuts-inspired avatar from skin colour, hair, facial expression and many more; while enjoying pure water with natural minerals from the French Alps.

In conjunction with the launch of the evian x snoopy limited-edition designs, Malaysians can participate in a nationwide evian x snoopy contest organized by evian. Consumers have a chance to win limited-edition evian x snoopy prizes such as backpacks, mini fridge and skateboards with a minimum spend of RM18 on evian products (one of which must be snoopy) at any major supermarkets and convenience stores nationwide, or purchase online at evian Official Store on Shopee and Lazada. Log on to for more details on the contest.

Additionally, evian x snoopy is currently at Aeon, Mid Valley until 2 July 2023. During this pop-up booth event, all customers who purchase evian products with at least an item consisting snoopy worth RM30 and above will receive an evian tote bag worth RM50. Weekend Special activities include having a personalized avatar printed in store with a minimum spend of RM30 on evian products (one of which must be snoopy) and a chance to participate in a Spin & Win.

evian natural mineral water gets its unique cool, crisp taste from its 15-year journey through the French Alps. It starts as snow and rain and travels slowly through layers of glacial rocks where it becomes naturally filtered and enhanced with electrolytes and minerals. Nature gives our water everything it needs, without needing us to add things for taste or enhance with extras. While rebalancing and revitalizing body, mind, spirit to optimal levels, the natural minerals and electrolytes of evian are what gives our water its cool, crisp and velvety taste that flows on the tongue. evian natural spring water is collected and bottled from our source (Cachat Spring) in the French Alps.

Collect all three #evianxsnoopy unique designs today from all major supermarkets and convenience stores. Also available at evian Official Stores on Shopee and Lazada. Have fun creating your own unique personal Peanuts avatar and drop by for the evian x snoopy pop-up booth at Aeon, Mid Valley! For further information regarding the limited-edition evian x snoopy designs, nationwide contest or the pop-up booth eventpop, you can log on to