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In Motion With W Kuala Lumpur

The retreat you need to Balance the Energy!

IN MOTION by W Kuala Lumpur an exciting and invigorating 2 day 1 night event designed to provide participants with a high-energy, immersive fitness and wellness experience is set to take place on 24th and 25th June 2023 at the leading city escape in the heart of Kuala Lumpur City Centre with iconic views.

As part of the W brand passion points focusing on Body, the IN MOTION weekend is a curated experience that delivers upon the brands mission to Ignite Curiosity and Expand World connecting with people into new environments and spaces to create moments of connection whilst providing an experience they can’t get anywhere else.

In partnership with fitness partner FIRE FIT, main apparel partner ADIDAS and in collaboration with Animal Flow, Shakeasy and Hibiki Sound Healing Salon, IN MOTION will be a weekend designed to provide fitness enthusiasts and guests with intense workouts to rejuvenating wellness sessions, this experience is designed to push their limits and elevate their well-being.

These may include group fitness classes, yoga sessions, mental wellness workshop, and more. Balancing energy, the event is designed to offer something for everyone, regardless of fitness level or experience. More than working out, it is a way of life. We are about living each moment to the fullest and creating the balance to keep it going. Always in motion. Intensely invigorating. Inherently social.

Being devoted to all things Originality, Curiosity, Momentum, and Daring; IN MOTION allows the W brand more creativity offering a wide range of experiences that deliver on the connector’s expectations. Opening and expanding worlds to new ways of thinking, feeling and being that promote balance and self-care dedicated to performance and designed for both solo and social experiences.

Check in to W Kuala Lumpur, slip into your most fashionable athleisure and bounce all over the hotel making pit stops at different workout activations. Just when you thought you could not get enough, reward yourself with a night filled with dancing – that counts as a workout! IN MOTION will feature a range of workouts targeting different fitness disciplines, ranging from a powerful strength training and HIIT session, dance inspired HIIT workout, yoga, and an innovative new fitness program combining quadrupedal and ground based movements with elements from various bodyweight training, wholesome nourishing meals that utilize only the freshest local organic produce and free-range meat, and parties with booming beats and healthy takes on cocktails.

What can you expect during the IN MOTION weekend:

FIRE FIT is a boutique gym in Kuala Lumpur located at Avenue K, Batai and Desa Park City bringing together like-minded people who believe in the power of fitness, who trust in the inspiring lift of a community and who is ready to blaze through life.


A powerful strength training and HIIT session. This class covers upper body, lower body and core exercises to harness the strength inside and bring it into your daily life. There is an energy and a vibe that you get with Cindy. It is a passion that is contagious, a spirit that you just cannot help but feed off. Her every class is on point, its power, its drive, its grit, it is unexplainable, it is intangible, for the lack of a better word, and it is FIRE.

This is where dancer meets athlete in this 45-minute dance inspired HIIT workout. The burn is real when you are focused on the thighs, glutes and core. Plie all day. Marathoner, mother and major fire source, Umei just has the gravitational pull that just drags you in. She trained as a Pharmacist in the UK and now she is bringing the heat as the hottest Wellness and Fitness practitioner we know and her list just keeps going on. Find her firing up RIDE, STRIDE and BARRE classes. Sign up for one and she will have you hooked and coming back.

Fire Yoga aims to help you stretch out after a grueling day at the desk and recentre your mind and soul for better productivity. Small but mighty, do not let Lyn’s petite frame fool you. She packs a whole lot of intensity within every inch of her frame. Lyn is a fitness heavyweight with 20 years under her belt, including writing her own Fitness and Wellness book! She will STRIDE with you and FORCE you to RIDE until you are all fired up. If you’re looking for a sweat sesh, a workout buddy, or a laugh, HIIT her up today.

ANIMAL FLOW by BENNY YEOH; is an innovative new fitness program that combines quadrupedal and ground based movements with elements from various bodyweight training disciplines to create a fun, challenging, multi-planar workout.

SARI for SOUNDBATH is a type of meditation that involves using sound and vibration to help relax and improve mental and physical well-being. Sari is alchemy crystal bowls player, vibrational sound healer, Reiki master and founder of HIBIKI Sound Healing Salon.

Randall Wong from SHAKEASYBAR FOR NUTRITIONAL TALK, Randall discovered a spike in awareness for nutrition and he started making protein shakes for others through his new venture, Shakeasy Bar, a retail smoothie advocating healthier lifestyle.

Get your glow on and look and feel your best with tailored treatments from AWAY® Spa to get you ready for the night and beyond. Guests will be able to pick their treatment of choice, be it a massage, facial, wrap or scrub. Let the expert hands at AWAY® work your worries away and strut out sparkling.

Using food and drinks to tell stories, a unique collision of local cultures that is anything but mainstream. IN MOTION will become the ultimate social space where we feed conversations around BODY on of our passion points with buzzing atmospheres that will hit the right mood.

We hope you are ready to indulge in healthy and wholesome yet delectable offerings from The Sunday Affair, W Kuala Lumpur's weekend tradition a bottomless Sunday brunch not to be missed at Flock, a vibrant all-day dining restaurant inspired by the bold flavors of Pan-Asian, its down-to-earth cuisines showcase colorful creations with a spin.

Dinner at YEN offering an imperial ambiance with a contemporary take on traditional Cantonese recipes and a wide selection of fresh seafood.

Hang out with us at Wet Deck for a harmonious blend of bold mixology and modern design as we encourage guests to work hard and play harder, leading a balanced lifestyle. IN MOTION will also include Sunset Session with a side of Mixologist session as well as Social Sunday.


Single Package
RM1, 888 nett for single package
  • 1 night stay at our Wonderful Room with breakfast
  • Full board meals
  • Access to all IN MOTION activities
  • Access to happening events at WET Deck
  • Pampering sessions at AWAY Spa

Twin Package
RM2,980 nett for twin package
  • 1 night stay at our Wonderful Room with breakfast
  • Full board meals
  • Access to all IN MOTION activities
  • Access to happening events at WET Deck
  • Pampering sessions at AWAY Spa

IN MOTION Weekend at W Kuala Lumpur is now available for bookings at http://www.wkualalumpur.com or via reservations.wkualalumpur@whotels.com

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