Alpro Pharmacy Group, the holding company of Malaysia’s largest prescription pharmacy chain - Alpro Pharmacy, and Sugi Holdings Co., Ltd, a leading Japanese Retail Pharmacy company, announce a new joint venture that will open several Japanese-style drugstores in Malaysia.

The joint venture will primarily engage in the drugstore business with the aim to enhance business expansion opportunities for both partners by combining their expertise and resources in the pharmaceutical sector.

Alpro Pharmacy Group Chief Executive Officer, Ph. Low Swee Siong, said, “We are grateful that the partnership with Sugi Holdings has come to fruition a year after we signed the Memorandum of Understanding. By combining our resources, we aim to evolve into a new type of pharmacy that delivers health, trust, security, and safety to Malaysia, Japan, and other Southeast Asian countries, shaping a brighter future for all.”

(From Left): Ph. Dr. Hiew Fei Tsong, Alpro Pharmacy's Co-Founder (大专药剂创办人,邱惠聪博士药剂师), Ph. Low Swee Siong, Alpro Pharmacy Group Chief Executive Officer (大专药剂总裁,刘瑞祥药剂师), Katsunori Sugiura, Representative Director and President of Sugi Holdings Co, Ltd.(Sugi Holdings Co, Ltd. 代表董事兼总裁,杉浦克典),and Tsuyoshi Yamamoto, General Manager of Sugi Holdings Co, Ltd. (Sugi Holdings Co, Ltd. 总经理,山本剛史)

Representative Director and President of Sugi Holdings Co, Ltd, Katsunori Sugiura, said, “By combining the trust that Alpro Pharmacy has built up in Malaysia and incorporating the latest trends and products from Sugi Pharmacy in Japan, we aim to do our best to evolve the stores together with Alpro Pharmacy so that we can provide new value and enhanced services to the people of Malaysia. We are committed to expanding this initiative beyond Malaysia and extending its reach to other Southeast Asian countries.”

Alpro Pharmacy and Sugi Holdings have been collaborating to exclusively offer Japanese healthcare and personal care products in Malaysia since 2022. The joint venture will enable the introduction of Japanese healthcare and personal care products to the Malaysian market, providing local consumers with access to a wide range of popular made-in-Japan brands to better support the local community’s health.

Furthermore, the joint venture is expecting to expand the drugstore business across Southeast Asia, bringing Japanese-style drugstores to countries such as Brunei, Singapore, and Indonesia.

Sugi Holdings Co., Ltd., headquartered in Anjo City, Aichi Prefecture, Japan, is a Japan-based company specializing in the management and operation of the Sugi Pharmacy Group.