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Home Lifestyle Shopee Malaysia Shopee Sellers Set the Bar for Trusted User Experiences

Shopee Sellers Set the Bar for Trusted User Experiences

Demand for Homegrown Products Lift Malaysian Farming Communities

Three #ShopeeSapotLokal sellers demonstrate how driving trusted user experiences online leads to sustainable growth for homegrown products and benefits farming communities across statelines. With the rise of younger generations who shop with purpose and have rising expectations of values such as authenticity, quality, and customer service online, value-based sellers such as Mr. Bentong, Tokey Sambal Hitam, and Zhiwei Herb have found unique niches to grow.

Hafiz Oon of Mr Bentong with Shopee Malaysia's Director, Cheng Xun Chua during Shopee Seller Summit 2023
Hafiz Oon is Mr. Bentong*, the namesake and face of ginger-based health products that originate from his farm in Bentong, Pahang. His key to success: the authenticity of his story and his customer testimonials (visible on his Shopee storefront), and his effective use of social media to educate Malaysians about the health benefits of consuming Bentong ginger. Hafiz’s story began when he overcame his own obesity by consuming ginger to increase his metabolism and exercising to lose weight. He educated people about ginger’s efficacy, how to cook and eat it, and how it worked for him on social media. From harvesting one ton of ginger monthly on his own farm, the demand for Mr Bentong has now grown such that he sources ten tonnes of ginger every month from ten other local farms in Bentong, providing jobs for 50 staff of his own and benefiting many others employed by his suppliers.

Now his customers drive word of mouth for him by providing successful testimonials for health improvements using his products to combat chronic diseases such as high blood pressure. Over 23 thousand buyers have given Mr Bentong 4.9 stars and his store has acquired 17 thousand followers online in just two years on Shopee. “The demand is all on Shopee. Shopee is great in connecting me with customers. Customers are more familiar and comfortable with Shopee,” says Hafiz.

Shopee Super Awards 2022’s Super Favourite Buatan Malaysia winner, Khairil Adzhaza’s Tokey Sambal Hitam** business factory is also located in Bentong, Pahang. He matches customers’ values on trust by being a Preferred Seller*** who delivers strong after-sales and customer service Shopee’s platform. His store has grown by an estimated 20% profit year on year, achieving the ‘Best-Selling Sambal Hitam sales on Shopee of all time’, because of consistent customer follow-ups and guaranteeing satisfaction by replacing any damaged sambal containers. In addition, the quality ingredients that make up his sambal varieties —anchovies, chillies, onions, and Belimbing buluh (bamboo starfruit) — are locally sourced through his strong relationships with farmers in Selangor, Pahang and Perak. All of his sambal products are tagged with “Shopee 100% Authentic Guarantee" and are all Halal and Ministry of Health-certified.

Khairil Adzhaza of Tokey Sambal Hitam at the Shopee Seller Summit 2023

Nearly 73,000 Shopee users have given Tokey Sambal Hitam 5.0 stars rating and the store has garnered 15,000 loyal followers on the marketplace over six years. “What makes a difference in driving customer trust is being a Preferred Seller on Shopee. To drive great user experience throughout the user journey, my store leverages Shopee Ads, and Shopee Marketing Solutions such as vouchers and bundle deals,” says Khairil.

Ooi Zhi Wei, of Zhiwei Herb****, has cultivated over 400 thousand loyal customers on Shopee over the past five years who value and understand quality food. On Shopee Live, he can be seen engaging with his consumers, sharing product insights, and technical knowledge to build trust. He has ensured consistent user experience through relentless pursuit of Grade-A nutritional herbs and nuts. His business incorporates the use of technology in the production process and advanced machines in his factory capable of roasting 200 liters of nuts. He also maintains sustainable partner collaborations with local vendors from Penang, Perak, Melaka, Selangor and Johor.

“Shopee’s personalised user experience means it is very easy for customers to find my store online. The features I find most helpful in building my business are Shopee’s Marketing Solutions, Free Shipping vouchers, and double digit campaigns,” says Zhi Wei.

Ooi Zhi Wei of Zhiwei Herb at the Shopee Seller Summit 2023

As three value-based sellers who provide trusted user experiences, Hafiz, Khairil, and Zhi Wei demonstrate that ShopeeSapotLokal sellers can lift communities through their business growth online. Mr. Bentong’s authentic storytelling and testimonials drove trust and loyalty with customers; Hafiz’ growth benefited 10 other farmer communities like his own in Pahang. Tokey Sambal Hitam became the bestselling sambal shop on Shopee with strong after-sales customer service as an authentic Preferred Seller. Khairil’s increases in profits sustains the farming communities across Selangor, Pahang and Perak. Zhiwei Herb’s growth in customer base to 400,000 in 5 years by relentlessly focusing on quality enables him to support 10 local vendors and their employees across Penang, Kedah, Melaka, Selangor and Johor.

*Mr Bentong’s Shopee store: https://shopee.com.my/mrbentong
**Tokey Sambal Hitam Shopee store: https://shopee.com.my/sambalhitamtrading
***Shopee’s Preferred Seller Programme: https://seller.shopee.com.my/edu/article/313/What-is-Shopees-Preferred-Seller-Programme
****ZhiWei Herb Shopee store: https://shopee.com.my/ooizhiwei1171

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