Home Philips Signify Malaysia Technology Signify Malaysia launches Philips Ultra Efficient LED lights that consumes 60% less energy compared to other LED lighting products
Home Philips Signify Malaysia Technology Signify Malaysia launches Philips Ultra Efficient LED lights that consumes 60% less energy compared to other LED lighting products

Signify Malaysia launches Philips Ultra Efficient LED lights that consumes 60% less energy compared to other LED lighting products

  • The new Philips Ultra Efficient LED Range consumes 60% less energy1 compared to standard LED lights and lasts 3.5x longer2.
  • The wide array of Philips Solar Lighting helps consumers on their journey of using sustainable products while helping them achieve zero electricity bills.
  • Philips latest range of product innovations is also designed to enhance the health and well-being of Philips Lighting consumers in Malaysia.

Signify (formerly Philips Lighting) the world leader in lighting, launched a whole range of energy efficient and sustainable lighting products for the Malaysia market - The Philips Ultra Efficient LED, Philips Solar Lighting and WiZ Smart Lighting. During the event titled “Let’s Go Eco with Philips Sustainable Lighting'', Signify Malaysia showcased a vast array of Philips Lighting product innovations that enables its lighting consumers in Malaysia to become eco-friendly, while at the same time helping them significantly reduce energy consumption and cost.

Using advanced LED design and optics technology, the Philips Ultra Efficient LED range consisting of LED bulbs, LED tubes and LED downlights consumes 60% less energy[1] than standard LED products of the same category being sold in the market today. These products are designed to deliver up to 50,000 hours of light[2], more than 3.5x the lifetime usage[2] as compared to standard LED lighting products. This innovation comes at a time when the world is grappling with energy cost and crisis.

The Philips Solar Lighting range showcased a vast selection of solar products like solar flood lights, solar wall lights, solar garden / landscape lighting products and others. These solar products are aesthetically designed to add a touch of decorative elegance to your outdoors, while making it easy to install and crafted in a manner for optimal lighting output during the evening hours. It harnesses the sun’s energy to light up without using any electricity and makes your electricity bill zero.

While enabling consumers to do their part on energy saving and sustainability, the innovation breakthroughs showcased is also aimed at improving the health and wellbeing of Philips Lighting consumers in Malaysia. The Meson Interlaced Optics LED Downlight is designed using innovative 3D microstructure patterns which reduces glare by 40%. Signify calls it eye comfort technology which reduces eye discomfort while studying or working for long hours under the light. In terms of ensuring the well-being of consumers, the Double Ended LEDtube designed with safety regulation and compliant with IEC standards, comes with a safety lock feature on the end cap to protect the tube from turning on by accident, ensuring a safer installation.

Last November, Signify had launched its range of WiZ Smart Lighting that can be controlled using home Wi-Fi signals. During the launch event, Signify showcased the extended range of outdoor smart lighting products developed using the same WiZ platform. This range also introduced SpaceSense, the latest in motion sensing technology. This break-through feature takes home automation to the next level, using Wi-Fi sensing and doing away with the need for sensors and batteries.

Showcasing its prowess as the leader in Lighting Innovation, Signify also launched a wide range of design and technology innovations. The Philips HexaStyle Downlights and the Philips Magnetic Track Light range will provide consumers individualized options of creating their own design patterns at home. Technological innovations, showcased during the event, like the scene switch and CCT select light fixtures, allows consumers to change the color of the same light fitting with just a toggle of the switch. The consumer can adjust the color of the light depending on whether they are working, relaxing or during entertainment and create the desired ambiance for their living spaces.

“Sustainability has been a key strategic focus for Signify globally and now we are providing our consumers in Malaysia a choice to also become part of the sustainable future. Signify became a carbon neutral company across all its global operations in 2020 and has continued to lead the industry achieving milestones in line with UN sustainability goals.

Today, under the Let's Go Eco (friendly) event theme, we launched the Philips Ultra Efficient LED range of lighting products using one of our latest technology innovations that helps reduce energy consumption substantially. At a time when the world is grappling with energy issues, this range of products will enable everyone to reduce their energy bills, combat climate change and practice sustainability.

We also showcased an impressive array of Solar lighting products which are most suited for a country like Malaysia with its abundance of sunlight. Harnessing the sun’s energy, these products reduce the electricity load of our grids and allow each of us to contribute towards making Malaysia sustainable.

Our goal is to make these products accessible to all consumers in Malaysia. We will continue to introduce such thoughtful and impactful solutions that build on our sustainable offerings and help us in our mission of Brighter Lives and a Better World.” enthused Mr. Sukanto Aich, Chief Executive Officer of Signify Malaysia Sdn. Bhd.

With the new Philips Ultra Efficient, Solar Lighting and other Signify’s Innovation products, now everyone can play a part towards creating a brighter and better future towards sustainable living.

All products will be available at Philips authorized retailers & online platforms via Lazada & Shopee.

[1] Comparing with standard Philips LED lights
[2] Based on 50,000 hours lifetime, 2.7 hours/day usage

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