Home Samsung Galaxy Technology Take a Shot in the Dark and Score Every Time
Home Samsung Galaxy Technology Take a Shot in the Dark and Score Every Time

Take a Shot in the Dark and Score Every Time

A stellar guide to Nightography with the Samsung Galaxy Z Series

So, you think darkness is your ally. You merely adopted the dark… The Night Mode on the Galaxy Z Series was born for it. With the right set of tools and know-how, you won’t miss a single unforgettable moment just because the light’s a little low.

An incredible range of camera modes – perfect for every occasion when it comes to taking epic shots at night – you have everything you need with the Nightography feature. Innovative AI multi-frame processing makes every pixel pop with vivid colour and astonishing detail. Just swipe to Night Mode on your Galaxy Z smartphone, get snapping, hit share, and watch the likes and views pour in.

Steady does it
Steadiness is crucial when it comes to Nightography, as the camera needs time to take in as much light as possible. Any small movement can lead to blurry photos, so if you're looking for sharp, vivid images, place your Galaxy Z Fold4 or Galaxy Z Flip4 down to take next-level hands-free selfies or wefies on Flex Mode. When the action gets going, recordings stay smooth, with enhanced OIS and VDIS.

Snaps for the Pros
Not all nightographs are shot equally. Only the pros know exactly what features work best under different lighting conditions. With Pro mode, you have the freedom to experiment with individual camera settings, including shutter speed, exposure, and aperture length. Make the most of Pro mode, using different settings and light levels. Try a lower shutter speed to capture more light at night, a higher ISO value (ISO 400+) for enhanced image clarity in low light, or increase the exposure for even brighter evening photos.

Rule-breaker, Art maker
Capturing the perfect shot in the dark to rock your Insta-world takes more than simply pointing and shooting. While Nightography can be just as enchanting as regular daytime photography, it takes a certain amount of playing about (and even breaking) photography rules to discover your inner Michelangelo. Forget the rule of thirds or the golden ration… play up symmetry, height, distance, and lighting to give your images different perspectives. See the world from a whole new angle – flip images on their head or rotate them for an artistic feel. Get proppy with anything and everything within reach; better yet, challenge yourself and lean into negative space to really highlight your subject.

Look at me… I’m the editor now
Things may be dark in the night, but that doesn’t mean colours have vanished. It’s up to you to bring them to light with the help of editing features. For example, altering the saturation levels changes the intensity and vibrancy of the colours – your photo takes a new lease of life. When you’re ready to save your photo, opt for a RAW format rather than PNG or JPG; this gives your photo more detail and editing capabilities.

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