Home Samsung Electronics Technology Bringing Productivity, Entertainment and Personal Life Together with Smart Monitor M8
Home Samsung Electronics Technology Bringing Productivity, Entertainment and Personal Life Together with Smart Monitor M8

Bringing Productivity, Entertainment and Personal Life Together with Smart Monitor M8

Gone are the days of conventional monitors with limited connectivity options. A smart monitor opens up a world of possibilities, allowing you to connect various devices such as laptops, smartphones, and gaming consoles effortlessly. With its high-resolution display and color accuracy, it becomes a productivity powerhouse, providing an immersive visual experience that brings your work to life. Whether you're a professional seeking a versatile workspace or a student aiming to maximize efficiency, a smart monitor is a game-changer.

Seamless Integration
One of the hallmarks of a smart monitor is its compatibility with other smart devices and ecosystems. These monitors often come equipped with built-in speakers, USB hubs, and even support for voice assistants, seamlessly integrating with your lifestyle.

Mouse control functionality has been added to many of the Smart Monitor’s over-the-top apps, including SmartThings and the Smart Hub, for a new level of convenient control without a remote. From accessing content across multiple sources to controlling your monitor with voice commands, the convenience factor is unparalleled. Say goodbye to cluttered cables and say hello to a streamlined, connected lifestyle.

The Smart Monitor M8 can connect, control and manage hundreds of compatible connected devices through the built-in SmartThings Hub, including lights, cameras, doorbells, locks, thermostats and more. Samsung plans to expand device choices and usability by supporting Matter functionality and Home Connectivity Alliance standards.

A smart monitor understands that comfort is key to a fulfilling lifestyle. Smart Monitor M8 knows you better as it comes with adjustable stands, allowing you to find the perfect viewing angle for extended usage.

Whether you prefer a standing desk setup or need to switch between portrait and landscape orientations, Smart Monitor M8 accommodates your preferences. Its sleek and ergonomic design blends seamlessly with your living space, adding a touch of sophistication to your surroundings.

The height-adjustable stand with tilt support gives users the best angle. The screen can now pivot 90 degrees, which helps users view long documents with less scrolling. It also meets VESA mount compatibility standards to help save space and retain a clutter-free environment.

Investing in a smart monitor is not just a tech upgrade, but a lifestyle choice. With its productivity-boosting features, seamless integration with smart devices, and immersive entertainment capabilities, it brings a new level of efficiency and enjoyment to your daily routine. Whether you're a professional striving for peak performance or someone who values both work and play, a smart monitor is the perfect companion that elevates your lifestyle to new heights.

Entertainment Redefined
The modern lifestyle is not all about work; entertainment holds equal importance. Smart Monitor M8 cater to your entertainment needs with features designed to elevate your viewing experience. Users can use the Smart Monitor M8 to get instant access to Netflix, YouTube and other over-the-top services through Smart Hub.

The new My Contents feature provides users with helpful information at a glance. When the monitor is on standby mode and detects a registered smartphone through low-power Bluetooth, it shows the user’s personalized photos, schedule and more on the screen. The monitor returns to standby mode when the phone moves out of range.

Available only in warm white color, the 32’’ Smart Monitor M8 Recommended Retail Price is RM3,588. Customers can enjoy additional 5% off on their first purchase with free standard shipping and earn Samsung Reward Points when they shop only on Samsung Online Store. So, don’t miss this chance!

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