7-Eleven Malaysia, the nation's premier convenience store chain, is thrilled to announce its partnership with 7-Eleven International (7IN), the global 'Master Franchise' of the 7-Eleven brand. The latter oversees more than 45,000 7-Eleven outlets across over 10 countries. This strategic alliance is set to enhance the food quality at 7-Eleven Malaysia outlets throughout the country.

Standing from right; Mr Wong Wai Keong, Co-CEO of 7-Eleven Malaysia, Mr Tan U Ming- Co Ceo of 7-Eleven Malaysia and representative from 7-Eleven International and Fuji Food are visiting one of the 7-Eleven Stores.

Under this partnership, 7-Eleven Malaysia will establish a state-of-the-art commissary factory facility, leveraging the expertise and technology of 7IN. This facility will be the focal point for producing, preparing, and distributing a diverse range of top-tier food products.

"We're eager to join forces with 7IN for our new commissary factory. This venture enables us to elevate our product and service quality by integrating cutting-edge technology and machinery, ensuring superior food quality. We're optimistic that this partnership will exceed our customers' expectations," remarked Mr. Tan U-Ming, Co-CEO of 7-Eleven Malaysia.

In addition to the 7IN partnership, 7-Eleven Malaysia has also teamed up with Fuji Food. This collaboration focuses on amplifying production with innovative equipment, enhancing product quality, and bolstering R&D efforts for new products. It also emphasizes maintaining hygiene standards and minimizing environmental impact.

"We consistently adopt proven methodologies to optimize our operations, ensuring seamless sales and an efficient supply chain. This commitment is evident in our upcoming food products, where every phase undergoes rigorous scrutiny, from product evaluations and sampling to packaging and raw material quality enhancement. We also respect local food traditions while integrating the technological know-how and expertise we've acquired from Japan and other nations," stated Mr. Yuki Ishizuka, Regional Director of 7-Eleven International.

In line with their dedication to perpetual enhancement, 7-Eleven, in collaboration with 7IN, will kick off food innovations between the third and fourth quarters of this year. A highlight of this initiative is the launch of a unique menu crafted exclusively at the new commissary factory.

Standing from right; Mr Wong Wai Keong- Co-CEO of 7-Eleven Malaysia, Mr Yuki Ishizuka- Regional Director of 7-Eleven International and Mr Tan U Ming- Co Ceo of 7-Eleven Malaysia are visiting and inspecting one of the 7-Eleven stores.

"We're embarking on a pivotal journey to revamp our food offerings. The forthcoming commissary facility will revolutionize our customer experience, presenting a broader and more enticing food selection. This collaboration underscores our commitment to delighting our customers with fresh and appealing choices," expressed Mr. Wong Wai Keong, Co-CEO of 7-Eleven Malaysia.

The commissary factory is slated to commence operations in November 2023. Both 7-Eleven Malaysia and 7IN pledge to maintain their close collaboration, pooling their expertise to spearhead innovations and ensure unparalleled customer experiences.