An 85-year-old elderly woman is among the beneficiaries.

Standing from left to right: Uncle Ah Meng, representative of PPR Hang Tuah, Representative of 7-Eleven Malaysia, PPR Hang Tuah recipients, Representative of 7-Eleven Malaysia, Ms Chin Shuen; NGO Hub.

In the spirit of unity and togetherness "团圆", 7-Eleven, in collaboration with its NGO partner, NGO Hub, and the beloved local representative known as Uncle Ah Meng, has shared the joy of Mid-Autumn by distributing mooncakes to around 26 Chinese families residing in Projek Perumahan Rakyat (PPR) Hang Tuah.

Sitting from left to right: Uncle Ah Meng, representative of PPR Hang Tuah, PPR Hang Tuah recipients, En Muhaimin dan Mr Jeff; Representative of 7-Eleven Malaysia and Ms Chin Shuen; NGO Hub.

During these heartwarming visits, 7-Eleven representatives visited the homes of these families, many of whom are between 75 and 85 years old. The mooncakes, a symbol of the Mid-Autumn spirit, were warmly received, creating cherished moments of connection and celebration.

"The kindness of receiving these mooncakes from 7-Eleven has touched my heart in a way words cannot fully describe. It's a gesture that brings joy and a sense of togetherness, and for that, I am truly thankful”, said Wong Foong Shuan, 85 years old and one of the beneficiaries of this heartwarming gesture.

This initiative aligns with 7-Eleven's commitment to supporting the community. In addition to the Mid-Autumn celebrations, 7-Eleven had earlier conducted a community cleanup project at PPR Hang Tuah, where approximately 35 dedicated 7-Eleven employees came together to make a positive impact by cleaning and beautifying the community's surroundings.

Wong Foong Shuan; the oldest beneficiary of mooncake during the visit.

"Celebrating moments of togetherness and spreading joy in our communities has always been at the core of 7-Eleven's values. We are honored to have the opportunity to share the spirit of Mid- Autumn with these wonderful families and to see the smiles it brings, especially to our elderly beneficiaries. As we launch our 'Bring the Bunnies Home' campaign with our delightful Halal mooncake series includes the flavor of Red Bean, Lotus and Golden Starlight with Yolk, we invite everyone to join us in celebrating the beauty of unity and the warmth of sharing during this special season," said Ms Chin Hor Wai, General Manager of Marketing, 7-Eleven Malaysia.